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Last Update: August 17, 2019

Our intentions determine our experience. It's the why beneath the why. There is a big difference between an intention to get rich and make a lot of money or to help people live a better life. Our intention affects the basic laws of Cause and Effect and Attraction.

Even if, our intention is unknown to us it will always have the same consequence. If our intention is to make money, then we are only interested in yourself, if the intention is to help someone live a better life then we are interested in others, One is based in fear and one is based in love.

Fear is in pursuit of external power (money), it raises and crushes hopes, it exhilarates and disappoints, it succeeds or fails. Love is the pursuit of authentic power (a better life), it fulfills and uplifts, validates and empowers.

If your intention is the pursuit of external power, you will attract people who are only interested in making money, they only see the world as either win or lose. They are impatient, with expectations, needing instant gratification, and when success isn't immediate they quit.

If your intention is the pursuit of authentic power you attract people who are empowered and fulfilled by uplifting others. There is no false agenda therfore they can delay gratification. They are patient and get fulfillment through the incremental improvement of themselves and others.

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Dave.
I like to think I am patient in my pursuit to help others. The financial "reward" if it occurs is secondary.
There is nothing better than helping to solve a problem or assist with a question for another. It builds great personal satisfaction & achievement.

AlexEvans Premium
Standing on the top of a mountain by yourself is one thing, standing there with a group of people, friends and associates, that you have helped to get there as well is a whole different dimension.
DBCrist Premium
It's about helping others, and creating