Doing Comments on Members Websites

Last Update: June 14, 2019

Did my first couple of comments today.


Learned about Gravatar and got a Gravatar Profile even though I still not sure what it does except give me a little more credibility. I don't remember seeing any training on it in Boot camp.


Learned about a couple of Affiliate programs that I could start promoting and am still wondering if I could use Grammerly when I write posts on WA site content platform.

Beautiful Websites, Do they make Money?

Felt funny, being so new and reviewing websites that look totally professional with all the bells and whistles, and mine looks like a half-baked lasagna. But I hope I was able to give some legit feedback. Surprised that members have these beautiful sites and still talk like they have one foot in the poor house. If it was easy to make money on the internet everybody would be doing it, even though sometimes it feels like everyone is.


About the use of a disclaimer post or page, I've seen them on a lot of websites, so I kinda look for them now, not all sites have them so I wonder if they are required. I'm surprised that I still haven't got to that in my boot camp training.

Slow to understand

It took me a while to figure out what members were talking about when they were discussing comments, at first I thought they were talking about comments to WA posts then, I thought it was going to members actual websites and commenting, then i finally figured out the Site Comment section, where I learned about Gravatar.

Sorry in Advance

Anyway I hope you got something out of this. The real reason I don't do comments is that it can be very time-consuming, very easy to get distracted and spend a night going down a rabbit hole. but I feel an obligation so I'm committed to doing more

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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Spartacus2 Premium
When people leave me comments or site feedback, I use it to help strengthen my knowledge as well. Im not the best when it comes to websites and any insight people give me is well worth it. Same goes for comments. I could learn something or have new material that i can write about just by having comments.
FKelso Premium
Though they take a lot of time, I've found I can learn a lot from people's answers. If someone asks a question about which I'd like more information, sometimes everything I need comes in from the answers received. Besides, since part of what we do is help people, by answering their questions, we are fulfilling this requirement.
Linda103 Premium
Commenting does take time but you can learn a lot from reading others blogs. Also, if you have a problem or a question it always gets answers. Sometimes asking can give you a shortcut or just make it easier for you.
Why not allot a certain amount of time to looking at posts and commenting. You are not just helping others but, in the long run, yourself too.