Consciousness; The Secret

Last Update: February 21, 2020

Intuitively We Know

You have to live a real life to write about real life. You must have failed deeply, on some level or experience, to even consider the possibility, that the problem lies in our own thinking, few realize this and fewer still are interested in learning if it can even be changed. "You don't know what you don't know" and "a sick mind can't fix a sick mind", are sentiments that give us plenty of excuses not to look, but deep down we know.

Surrender To Win

Out of the recognition of who we really are comes the desire to seek that which is uplifting. We learn that there are different levels of consciousness, and you can learn to raise yours, but only if your willing to surrender your beliefs, (held all your life about yourself and the world), will you begin to see the truth

Your Life Situation is Not Your Life

For the first time, emerging from the conscious levels of shame, guilt, fear, and anger we achieve the levels of courage, willingness, acceptance and love. At these levels we are finally able to realize that our "life situation" is not our life. It's a huge change in consciousness to finally be able to see, that by identifying with our minds thoughts, we are compelled to derive our self-worth and identity from external factors. Our unhappiness is caused because the mind has become "attached" to something, and cannot accept losing it. It's this feeling of resistance that we've named unhappiness.

Trust Buddha

It was Buddha who realized that our happiness and unhappiness are in fact one, only the illusion of time separate them. To seek an identity, a sense of permanency and fulfillment in the physical world is a recipe for frustration and suffering. Our consumer society would collapse if people became enlightened, and no longer sought to find their identity through things.

It Takes Pain to Change

This knowledge has been around for centuries, and is widely accessible, but you must be motivated to look for it. Fortunately or unfortunately we are usually motivated by pain. The pain of losing what we've got, or not getting what we want. Until this pain becomes unbearable we simply will not search for a solution, we don't even see the problem. Oblivious in our ignorance, like sheep we follow our societal overlords, without the need for dogs, for we police ourselves.
Many live in moderate pain but just accept it as part of the "Human Condition"

Truth is Simple, Lies are Complicated

The solution like most truths is surprisingly simple. It comes through conscious awareness and understanding of the workings of our minds. We are conscious beings who respond emotionally to the reality we perceive. Our emotions create our thoughts. One emotion can elicit thousands of thoughts, which are often compulsive, repetitive and problematic. By controlling our emotions we control our thinking.

Like Finds Like

The Universe consists of energy. All energy vibrates, every emotion has energy and every thought emanating from that emotion has energy. The "Secret" very simply states the "Law of Attraction} that "like finds like". The Universe manifests what you believe, you think about what you believe constantly.

They Want Us To Be Afraid .

The world as it appears now is a reflection of the Human Egoic mind. Fear being an unavoidable consequence of this egoic delusion. Our world is dominated by fear, and we are not separate from our world. Only when a majority of humans become free of this egoic delusion will humanities predominate energy pattern reach the frequency of courage making change possible. We will literally inhabit a New World.

Evil is an Effect

Having lived a life of dis-empowering beliefs and thinking, I feel obligated to do what I can to help others misidentify from their Minds and recognize the unconscious energy patterns of thought and behavior, they are creating in their own lives. All Evils are the "effect" of unconsciousness, they will dissolve in the light of our consciousness.

Thoughts Emanate From Emotions

Once you realize that thoughts emanate from emotions and identifying with these thoughts with compulsive, repetitive often problematic thinking only reinforces the emotion, . The answer becomes obvious, it's through constant awareness and surrender that we learn to identify and control our emotions.

Create Your Life

You must surrender the emotions of shame, guilt, fear and anger for courage, willingness, acceptance, and love. Consciously change the emotion you're feeling at any time and your thoughts automatically fall in line to reinforce the new emotion. With practise, you create a new world. A powerful attractor pattern attracts the people, events, and situations into your life, that you only dreamed about before.

Were We Go One We Go All

Once the majority of people, surrender their long held societal constructs, a new spiritual energy will come into the world. It belongs to a different order of reality and will create a different world order. The hypocrisy of the current political and economic structures that currently control the world will be identified, and those responsible will be exposed and prosecuted.

What's Your Future

Your future has to become bigger than all your fears, so that your willing to take action. You have to unleash the power of your mind, but more importantly you have to believe in yourself, even when nobody believes in you. In order to become someone you have never been, you have to do something you have never done. Have a vision, it's the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible. Let me know if you agree with me and even more importantly if you don't and why.

Once the questions start to be asked, answers have to be given.

As always thanks for visiting. Dave

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It's through realizing how our minds work that it starts to become clear. Thanks Dave
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