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2015 is almost upon us, for most people a new year means a resolution, with all the right intentions most fail within the first week or even day. Why I don't subscribe to making New Years Resloutions; for me everyday is a new day that brings something special, there are opportunities at every turn, I see a new way to make my life better, make money or help someone. I have a beautiful family, they are the most important thing in my life, if there is something I am doing that needs change it need
Each day I get likes and little comments left for me, it is heartwarming to read these and a great boost to my motivation. Before finding WA trying to bulid my site was a real struggle; I had no idea where to start, not having any experience with marketing let alone building a site. I was losing motivation and I don't like giving up but resurrecting something dead is impossible,. Along comes WA what and eye opener, I could see immediately this is what I need. I still struggle with some of the c
My early attempts at building a site now seem pretty shallow; I was at a loss no direction, I didn’t want to give up I’m in this until I succeed. I read books I surfed the net on how to build a site and what to put in as content, then WOW I find Wealthy Affiliates, success can now be real. Since joining here at WA and following the training, I can see clearly where I was going wrong. I feel I have found my Niche, a subject I am confident and experienced in, Business Planning. My site is now
December 13, 2014
An online business, many of us think WOW I can be a dotcom millionaire, while that's possible should that be our primary driver. I have experience in management of multi million dollar mega projects projects and have had my own management consultancy, the one thing I have leared is this "Get The Plan Right". Planning is the basic fundamental building block of any project or in our case my/your Online Business. What are some key fundamental process to a plan; 1) Initiating Processes 2) Pla
December 12, 2014
In short Yes, you are offering a service, this constitutes a form of Business. Why you may ask? My site is not for profit I only offer free advice or information. Consider other community or charity services out there whether it is a soup kitchen, family assistance or a church, etc. All of these run and operate like a business; all successful business/organisations have a plan. When we start we do the following: 1.Identify requirements (our Niche) 2.Address the various needs, concerns and expec
After finishing my career as a senior manager of major construction projects and working globally, and enjoying my freedom with my family, I thought about occupying my time (travel does get a bit much). Online marketing that's something I can do, little did I know the challenge this would be... After setting up a couple of sites and looking and testing MLM,all with no sucess, what am I doing wrong? Searching, researching, reading of endless books (some very inspirational) and I still stumbling
December 09, 2014
First, About me, Daz is an experienced manager of major construction projects working in many difficult and challenging locations in West Africa, Pacific Islands, S.E Asia and China and the outback of my home country Australia. Now Daz spends time with his family and currently resides in North East China, (for the moment who knows where next!). Why WA, Now after 30 years of a stressfull career its time for a change and what better place to start than online. Looking at a number of MLM systems