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How to Make Your Internet Connection Secure, as I am in China, for me this is one of the most important parts of my business. The Chinese government watches and controls all internet traffic, and this affects my business on a daily basis. The question is how to Make Your Internet Connection Secure; I do this by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) this opens a secure channel to a server in another location. Do you need a VPN Having an unsecured connection, there is no doubt someone’s tapped
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February 25, 2015
Now you have your business up and running it’s time to apply a key business fundamental Business Budget Planning Business Budget Planning is something you must manage and control to get the maximum financial performance. Creating a Business Budget Planning process is an effective way to keep your business and most importantly finances on track, always remember the primary reason you are in business is to make a profit.You can read the full article here https://.... I have been made aware
February 15, 2015
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas Turning Ideas Into Reality In this day and age there are so many resources available, there’s nothing to stop you turning your idea into reality and that idea into a successful business. You have a great idea, and you ask how do I go about turning ideas into reality. How do you test your idea and see if it has the potential to become successful? You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on a business if it doesn’t have the potential to become a success
February 07, 2015
In today's world, we seem to get inundated with paper, we get bills statements in the mail, and we collect receipts when we make a purchase. How do you deal with all this paper, do you have a filing system, our just an old shoebox in the corner that we shuffle through in frustration when we need a particular document? Are you tired of having to go through a mountain of paper to find that small obscure document? There is another way! A paperless officeYou can read the full article here https://.
In this the 21st century, you would expect internet speeds to be ultra fast. In China, I am lucky as the internet system here is optic fibre, the downside in China is the government control, or as it is known the Great Fire Wall of China. The Chinese government watches and controls all internet traffic. Does this affect me absolutely, how do I deal with it? I circumvent the system by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) this opens a secure channel to a server in another location. Using a
February 03, 2015
You might be thinking I don't know what type of business to start. As we said in the previous article, first you need to choose a business niche, choose something you know something you have knowledge of, which you are good at, and you enjoy. Many people turn their hobby into a business, as Anne turned her flower arranging passion into,.......eventually a successful business.You can read the full article here https://.... I have been made aware I cannot add a link to my site thanks Leo and Robe
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Ok, you are considering starting a business, and now you are at the crossroad of deciding where to next? Around the world Millions of businesses are started every day, anything from a hairdressing salon to a computer repair business. You ask, how do you get started and what kind of business can you start at home? Let’s have a look at a real life example of how not to start. Anne (not her real name) has a great talent for flower arrangements all her friends and family say they are first class
Well, after a few days of experimenting with refilling Nespresso Capsules, I finally caved in and reverted to Decaf….Why ? Then I after trying different method and searching online, came up with an interim solution for my Nespresso shortage read my Blog Post to learn more.You can read the full article here https://.... I have been made aware I cannot add a link to my site thanks Leo and Robert for the reminder see below
January 14, 2015
Simple things, we take for granted in the West can become a challenge living in a foreign land. I love my Nespresso and the last time I was back in Australia I stocked up, I stuffed maybe 2000 capsules in every nook and cranny I could find in our luggage. When that supply was exhausted I went back to buying them online from a supplier in Guangzhou in South China, and now it looks like his supply has run out :-( I've got about three espressos left, I like it strong about a 10, I have a few hundr
January 11, 2015
Why would anyone want to visit N.E China in winter, Shenyang (where I reside) with a population of some 8m+ is off the main tourist routes and is often overlooked. Wedged between North Korea to the south and Siberian Russia to the north, North East China in winter can be bitterly cold. Shenyang has a lot to offer being the founding capital of the Manchu's Qing Dynasty. History is everywhere in Shenyang with some fantastic historic sites, all World Heritage listed. A smaller version of the Forb