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Let’s see, where do I begin to tell the story of Dawn.

I am slightly over sixty years of age and ready to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life utilizing the internet so that I can stay at home and age in place.

I’m a people person, I love to help others succeed. I enjoy nature, I live near the ocean but I’d rather be hiking in the woods.

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12 selling fruit on the side of the road in Portland, Maine. At 14 I was delivering the Tucson Daily Sun, getting up at 4 am in the morning and of course enjoying an exciting chase by Cujo the dog, or getting hammered by golf-ball sized hail, yes in Tucson, AZ.

I guess that I am a serial entrepreneur of sorts having owned my own small manufacturing company, an elder care facility, a real estate brokerage and a few other opportunities I picked up along the way.

I love to learn new things and tend to get lost in the internet and its wealth of information. I’m learning to give up my books, which take up so much space and are so heavy… the internet is absolutely wonderful!

In college I was actually studying meteorology, but a need for income spurred me into real estate since I had worked for Red Carpet real estate in Tucson when I was 16, I had some experience and connections. Real Estate was/is very rewarding, but driving is an issue for me now and working strictly from home is my goal.

My true passion is to help those who have a difficult time helping themselves, the outcasts of our society, those living on the streets, living in their cars trying to survive. You know the ones called “misfits” in Rudolph the Reindeer.

I am in hopes that I can generate enough revenue to finance my nonprofit. I was once a millionaire that put total trust in my spouse, I lost it all in my recent divorce. But as we all know, life goes on and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Live and Learn.

I am a devout Christian and I love everyone.

Here’s to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!


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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
10,000+ okay, I have lived the $20K a month income and the lifestyle that comes with it
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$20,000 , just a place-holder... I've already been there, and honestly the $$$ mean absolutely nothing to me.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
80 hours a week is my norm since I was a kid.
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Feb 16, 2020
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DawnJohnston Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?
10,000+ okay, I have lived the $20K a month income and the lifestyle that comes with it

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
$20,000 , just a place-holder... I've already been there, and honestly the $$$ mean absolutely nothing to me.

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
80 hours a week is my norm since I was a kid.
Mick18 Premium
Great goals. Follow the training and put in the time and work you can achieve them. All the best.
Kyle Premium
Your goals are totally realistic and when you achieve the first one, it will be just a matter of scaling to reach the second one. The Internet works wonderful when you have your formula for success down which you are going to be getting from the training here at WA.

Once you get this formula down the sky is truly the limit Dawn! I look forward to working with you and seeing you make your goals a reality. :)
First welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, Secondly your goals are very achievable. Wish you best of luck for your new journey. Start training Immediately and begin a new era of your life.
Greg2112 Premium
Awesome, Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, don’t forget to check out the WA dashboard https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/home for daily tips and tricks from successful WA members. Success leaves clues.

Network, learn and grow with other members here. Here’s an excerpt from WA member ericcantu’s article “How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?”

“Remember, the training here is real and delivers, but it’s not a scheme that you plug in and sit back and wait for cash to come in. How much you make depends on how much time you put into it, how much you stick to the training, and how patient you are with your success.”

“There simply isn’t a timeline to the profit zone with any business, traditional or online. If an entrepreneur opens a small shop and after a year is in the profit zone, does that mean someone can open up a similar shop in the same area and be in that same profit zone in that same time span? Of course, it doesn’t. There are so many variables involved and we see this all the time. A new place opens and thrives and the one next door just can’t seem to catch a break.” -

Full article here: “Everything you want to be, you already are. You’re simply on the path to discovering it.” Alicia Keys
DawnJohnston Premium
Thanks so much for taking the time to share the article with me!


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I know that many will need our help, my focus is helping as many people globally recover from the damage done to all of us by the SAR-CoVid 2 (19). I am of the mind that everyone has a basic human right to a stable home life which can only present itself with financial independence and the love of others. And so we must march together as one!
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Jul 4, 2020
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brichnow21 Premium
Hi, Dawn!
Looks like you nd I have much of the same experiences, and quite the variety!
Books, however, are my treasure!! No Kindle for this gal! I only have libraries all over the house. 20 books alone right under my coffee table! LOL
What can I say...I love learning and teaching...
Hope you're having fun while learning all this great info.
Enjoy your journey, Michelle!
CuriousOwl Premium
Dear Dawn,
I salute your marvellous spirit of life.
A very warm welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate community and please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have on this new digital journey you are starting with the internet.
You will find that the people here are most helpful and prompt.

Your goals are definitely achievable because you are committed to it and are willing to devote the time it needs week on week.

I wish you a lot of success and learning on this path.

Best regards,
katfrishe Premium
Hi Dawn! Welcome to WA and congrats on going Premium. Thank you so much for the follow. You have a HUGE heart and I am happy to get to meet you and hope that we can build a relationship, helping each other during this adventure.

The best advice I can give right away is to do the action step in training and come straight back to training, everything will look pretty in the end.

Here's to your Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy,

MacJack Premium
Hi Dawn,
Welcome to WA and Thank You for the follow. I enjoyed reading your Bio Thank You for sharing. I hope that you are very successful here with the training to be able to accomplish your goals and to receive back what you lost in your divorce and even more, so that you can continue to help others. Your story is inspiring and motivating, continue the good work and continue to move forward. I hope all continues to go well with you in your online and offline ventures. Keep up the good work.
Your Friend,
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hello! Thank you for following me! I am honored to return the gesture. Thank you also for allowing me to be a part of your network! I'm looking forward to learning from you, walking this journey beside you, and witnessing your many successes within WA!

To your success!
God Bless!