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Last Update: August 18, 2019

Jaaxy + Site Content Platform

By far, Wealthy Affiliate's best asset and the reason why 99% of premium members stay premium is "Jaaxy" keyword research client.

In order to get the most out of the internet and squeeze it for the highest profit margins you really need to look for low QSR (Below 35) and high traffic (above 100 unqs per month) keywords.

Then create "keyword centric" articles around those keywords.

In the wealthy affiliate training they teach you to focus on keywords below 100 QSR, however I find focussing on keywords below 35 QSR far easier ranks your pages on the top search results on Google.


Keyword research is the most important aspect of succeeding if you wish to pursue the organic "free" search engine ranking method of traffic acquisition @ Wealthy Affiliate.

Do not hesitate to take up to an hour to find a good (below 35 qsr and above 100 unqs per month) keyword., It would also benefit you to create two or three articles focussed on the same keyword in the hope that google ranks one of them in the top 5 results which is where the bulk of the organic free traffic is on the search engines. (not the top ten).


1. Find a good keyword.

2. Create an article or two for that keyword (At least 1,000+ word articles, not less).

3. Rinse and repeat all day long = FREE MONEY BABY :)

4. By consistently targeting low qsr, high traffic keyweords only, you will generate several times more income in several times less time than someone who "stuffs up" and simply writes articles all day long. This is VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE.

Succeeding with Wealthy Affiliate:

You will want to include the keyword (exact match) at least once every 500 words throughout your article. You will also want to include your exact match keywords in the first paragraph of your article, in the title and in your tags for WordPress.

The last step is to use Wealthy Affiliates premium images to populate your article with professionally designed images. Do all of this and your success is guaranteed.

UPDATE: You can get away with jumbling the keyword up. so long as you include all words in the keyword at least once every 500 words, but you will want at least one exact match in the title, tags and at least once throughout your entire article. This should help avoid any google "keyword stuffing" penalties.

Also, take advantage of "site comments", getting a few comments for a new article helps google believe that article is busy and will get it ranked much faster than normal. That is also an other great reason to always stay premium.


Well since google likes ranking pages that have "Google Adsense" on them (because google actually profits by sending traffic to those pages).

Google actually tends to rank pages with the same conent higher if they have Google Adsense on them.

So saying all things are equal on two competing pages, Google will always rank the Google Adsense based pages higher on their search engine.

I have known this for the past 20 years of my webmaster career.



I would reccomend you create "name surname dot com" for yourself through wealthy affiliate, this serves as your secondary blog that you can literally write about anything you like.

You can then feel free to always target low qst, high traffic keywords in any niche that is not related to "adult, tobacco and cigarette/smoking products/ religion, hair growth, government and political, gambling and anything illegal". Typically all of these niches do not rank well in the search engines or get your site/s banned.

But you are free to write about pretty much any other niche and you will find in the future that your own blog, that takes on literally any niche will start to out rank your "one niche only" related blogs.

At least that is what I have found over the past 20+ years of my career. Basically, once your blog takes off and starts to see heavy traffic, if the domain name is not limited to any one niche, you can actually see great traffic for literally any articles you write on any niche you chose to tackle. That is the benefit of putting all of your content on the one website. It gains superiority in the search engines as it ages and acquires more traffic from the search engines and you will find it quite easy to start taking on the larger, more lucrative niches at an already established website than a new one.

Okay, that's it for today, cheers.

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CarlaNavarro Premium
All very good information, thank you so much! a question can you explain making a separate name surname dotcom?
franklinpena Premium
It is basically getting your own domain with your name and last name or whatever combination of your first, middle, and last name you come up with. You could use that as your own personal blog, resume, or whatever purpose you want.
CarlaNavarro Premium
samirn Premium
Makes perfect sense! thank you for sharing
DavidKellas Premium
You're very welcome.
feigner Premium
interesting ... and obvious if you think about it with Adesnse.
never really thought about it in that manner, but may think about adding it to my site now.
thanks Dave.

DavidKellas Premium
Phil, 100% add adsense to your site asap. it may takes several months but all of your content will slowly rise higher in the rankings due to adsense.

If for any reason it doesn't work or you don't like adsense, just disable the widget, simple. it's a 10 minute process. very easy.
feigner Premium
Thanks David, I will look into it.
I see so mant sites that you almost cant distinguish between the content and the ads that i have resisited till now.
this has given me a reason to look into it to help the site.
DavidKellas Premium
Glad to be of service Phil :)
EdwinBernard Premium
WOW that is quite a lesson! I am going to copy what you wrote so that I can use your advice. The results show you know what you are doing!

Great Blog David!
DavidKellas Premium
Thanks Edwin!
EdwinBernard Premium
You’re welcome!