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Im a WA drop-out [it seems that my open parenthesis and apostrophe keys dont work in WA spaces]. I joined in 2009 but I became overwhelmed and dropped out. I wanted to learn every aspect of internet marketing ASAP, and experience immediate success. I was even trying to think of website ideas that would compete with WA. A bit over-ambitious.

2 years later I have little more wisdom, [hopefully] a bit more humility, more self-confidence, and am re-dedicating myself to this industry with the understanding that the one thing its successful proponents have in common isnt necessarily above-average intelligence, creativity, or luck, but perseverance and the ability to learn from their mistakes.

Heres to success. However you define it, I wish it for all of you.
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Kyle Premium
Great to have you back at WA David! All the best this time around and if you have any questions, let me know. :)
davidedward Premium
Thanks Kyle! I've not yet seen a site in this niche that provides more information or does less up-selling. My thanks to you and Carson.
davidedward Premium
After looking at my last post, it seems Ive been a member of this site since before the internet was invented.
lasvanoe Premium
David, This is more than a "make money" site. I feel lucky I found it as well as I have been learning so much over the last two weeks. Its like an online college for a lot less money! Just follow the 8 week plan and devote a little time each day so as to not become overwhelmed and you will do great! Be sure to read the success stories for motivation.
davidedward Premium
thanks lasvanoe!