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October 31, 2013
I want to wish all my friends here a very Happy and safe Halloween!! Dont be scared of the little monsters out there ;) I also made a killer Halloween board on Pinterest for the best recipes ever and scary pics. Check them out. Enjoy ;) Hope you like them
Has anyone close to you said this to you? I mean a spouse or family member who thinks you dont have what it takes to make it happen online. These people are called dreamstealers and can't take your determination to succeed away from you unless you let it. In the beginning, my ex told me this was ridiculous and nothing at WA can help you make your dreams come true or I was wasting precious time. Well, she was wrong....dead wrong! I took what I learned here at WA to create a massively successful
September 08, 2013
Did you know you can use a vanity URL for your Google Plus personal page or your Google Plus business page? This is a great tool for branding! Check it out Hope you find a good use for this before your competition does! Enjoy my friends! David
September 02, 2013
Hope all my US and Canadian friends who celebrate labor day have a terrific day off! Enjoy!!
July 30, 2013
If your truly serious about becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business MIT has virtually all their courses online which are no charge and include the following topics: Finance Law Leadership Marketing and Planning Operations Strategy This is genuinely and amazing resource, check it out here: As well, there is training on entrepreneurship They say these courses have been available for free f
April 23, 2013
Not huge news but more of an inspiration to others who are trying to succeed here. As of April 2013, it marks my one year anniversary of telling my old boss to take a hike and start doing this business full time! I can't tell you what a great feeling it is to be your own boss, make your own hours and do what you want, when you want.Granted it takes time to learn this business and a lot of dedication. You must be serious about this and have the mindset of "never quit" I never ever thought of
Well, 2012 is over and a new year is upon us. Do you know what you will be doing to be more prosperous in the new year? Will you start a new site, make the one you have now more profitable? Well no matter what you decide, I for one, hope everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate does very well. Remember the help you need is here and all you have to do is ask ;)David
November 30, 2012
Just a quick tip for everyone running a business here. If your business model is based off someone else's business model then you had better get back to the drawing board.Remember, you have to add value and yes it must also be helpful to your reader. it should not only solve a problem of sorts but most importantly be better than the other content out there. Remember you are competing with many over sites in the same niche. Why does your site deserve to be in the top 10 competing with all th
November 21, 2012
In the US Thanksgiving is a very big holiday which I personally call one of my favorites. We get to spend time with family we love and even sometimes family we don't ;-) But neither here nor there its a terrific time to be thankful for whatever we have.I just wanted to take this time to wish all my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate a very Happy Thanksgiving!! I also hope everyone will find prosperity as well! And to anyone doing a Black Friday campaign, good luck!!David
July 14, 2012
Ever since I have been in the online marketing arena we have been taught to write articles for free traffic and easy rankings. After the recent Google changes these article sites don't really garner first page rankings like they used too. I had multiple page one rankings on EZine articles but they have somehow lost favor with google and the rankings are no longer.After re- joining wealthy affiliate I was introduced to Street Articles. I thought well here is another site that I need to create