Questions by DaveSw 21

How do we add our affiliate programs to wealthy affiliate?
We have a variety of software, tools and resources in the IM/business…
10 months ago 21 Replies
Is there a way to increase font size for vision-impaired?
I find myself having to squint more and more to keep things in focus and…
10 months ago 20 Replies
What are the consequences of trial premium member referrals switching to payment w wa credits?
Hi, Everyone...More questions on WA cash credits and the effect of using…
11 months ago 3 Replies
Can transferred cash credits be used to pay wa membership?
I want to use the internal cash credit system to transfer cash credits…
11 months ago 23 Replies
How to edit the titlesthumbnail for published wa tutorials?
I am trying to figure out how to get to the editing portion of published…
2 years ago 4 Replies
Are there wp themes available that are mobilepad friendly?
This is important to me because many searches nowadays are done through…
2 years ago 4 Replies
How long does it take for nameserver changes to take effect?
Hi, Everyone...I have a situation...Trying to help a former member who…
2 years ago 19 Replies
How can former wa members access their sr domains and sites?
This is really a 4 part question:- When premium members do not continue…
3 years ago 26 Replies
Another question to raise my wealthy affiliate ranking?
Hi, Everyone...Maybe a tongue in cheek question, but one worthy of asking...There…
3 years ago 40 Replies
Why no social share buttons on wealthy affiliate blog posts?
This is something that would be useful for all of us marketing our posts…
3 years ago 19 Replies
Anyone experiencing problems accessing bookmarked wa posts?
Hi, Everyone...This is something I have been meaning to ask the membership…
3 years ago 16 Replies
How to set up a cname for cdn aws s3 cloudfront?
Hi Everyone,I have a couple of questions on setting up a CNAME for the…
3 years ago 6 Replies
Advantages of transferring domain name registration to wa?
Hi, Folks...OK I did a little research and have not found a good answer…
3 years ago 17 Replies
Is anyone else unable to access their wa website?
Hi, All...I have been working with support for the last day to solve my…
3 years ago 12 Replies
Grammarly not working when editing wealthy affiliate blogs?
Hi Folks,Is this an issue that can be corrected if it is a site problem?…
3 years ago 23 Replies
What are the rules for using siterubix email service?
I am wondering if there is a detailed post or a training anywhere on the…
3 years ago 20 Replies
How to delete unwanted info at the bottom of my blog roll?
I tried a couple of plugins that did not work as advertised, (one was…
4 years ago 9 Replies
Is google authorship dead? appears to be the case w changes.
I have signed up with other accounts earlier but now, when trying to add…
4 years ago 9 Replies
Can we upload external wp themes here to create our sites?
I am upgrading on Wednesday next week to premium and until that time I…
4 years ago 3 Replies
How can I add a cb storefronttab to my online sales site?
I have purchased a domain for which I will create a website using WA as…
5 years ago 4 Replies
How to help - problem signing in for free account member?
Hi Everyone,I have a new friend here who has dropped me a note (private…
5 years ago 3 Replies