Wealthy Affiliate Side Benefits - A $100K USD Payday

Last Update: June 02, 2017

Hi Everyone...

Just wanted to tell you about a potential side benefit of all the work you are doing to learn the ins and outs of online marketing here with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

This particular example today is mine, but you can create your own 'side benefit' as well...It is in what you do with the knowledge you gain here that will allow this...

I do go into quite a bit of detail, but do so for a reason. I want you to understand the what and the how of this transaction that worked out so well for me...

Seeing what the size of the deal is (100k USD), I hope you will bear with me and follow my tale...It is worth your time, I guarantee it!

Let's get started...


Online marketing can be overwhelming at first as many of you know, especially if you are starting at zero, as I pretty much was two years and a few months ago...

Over time, everything starts becoming clearer, things fall into place, you find that you understand and can now fit things together to create an effective online business.

This process goes faster for some people than others, but just about anyone can do it, with persistance and a bit of desire (if I can do it, ANYONE can hehe)...

Wealthy Affiliate offers you everything you need to become competent in this online business world...I have used it extensively since joining 2 years ago...

So I consider myself today as being at the point where things have coalesced when it comes to online marketing. I can easily make an elevator speech now about what I can do, am doing, and make it sound/be convincing because it is genuine, no fluff.

Here is what happens when that happens:

I was approached via a phone call by the co-owner (there are three partners, I know them all well) of a high flying video agency based in Dubai and Florida today who invited me for a cup of coffee.

This is a weekend here in Dubai and also it is Ramadan, so we had to find a place where we could get some coffee hehe...

He is a long-time contact from Germany, an engineer, and we have done some successful projects together in the past...

Oh, we are also friends, and I trust him totally (important for me these days more than ever, I cannot afford too many more mistaken alliances, I am too old)...



So we found the place, got our coffee, and began to catch up...

In addition to our light conversation the subject came around to how his businesses were going, and how mine are progressing.

He discussed how during this slower period (Ramadan) they were doing some catch-up projects, one of which was to revamp their websites and online marketing focus.

I discussed how my different offline and online things were going and the people and places involved, etc.

At some point the conversation turned to how I could help them with the project to upgrade their online program.

This switch was his initiative, not mine...

This is a company that has enjoyed tremendous success for a lot of reasons, one of which is that the owners are highly skilled at their craft...It is easier (but not easy) to grow if you are good at what you do...

One of their main clients is the Dubai/Abu Dhabi Governments and another is the ruler of Dubai. Their reach extends far beyond this however, as they are called in to different countries for projects by other such highly placed organizations and people regularly.

They have grown from a small operation to one with a full fledged studio, complete with green screen, multi-camera shooting, high-end lighting, sound, etc. This is the kind of studio that you will pay 10 thousand dollars for a half day of shooting with full services.

Also they do on-site coverage of major Government events and projects and are called in to do many things that require special knowledge and security clearances. They have a large staff and a bunch of free lancers that they use.

They are good within the studio and on site... High end, and they charge high end rates for their services...and get the contracts...

OK, so now you know who and what I was dealing with for this proposed project with this company/friend.



The opportunity is that they have asked me to come in and work directly with their IT team to totally rework their websites (they have three), and also get a social marketing plan together.

I am not limited in any way with a budget. to include staffing, equipment, or marketing costs. I can use my imagination to take it where they want it to go. This is a pretty sweet deal, or?

An aside:

"Sometimes a cup of coffee is more than just a coffee..."



Long ago, I learned that one hand washes the other...

I could have asked for a daily compensation package (which I normally would do) in the 1 to 1.5k USD range, or something I desire more than a hefty cash deposit in my bank account.

Knowing the resources they have, I chose instead to negotiate for studio access for shoots and video editing services over that daily1 to 1.5K USD sum he would have readily paid.

My calculations were as follows:

Based on our conversation about the scope of the mission, I was able to make some assumptions...

I expect that this side project will take 50 hours total. Around here that is considered to be 5 days work. It may be more if they want me to dive deeper.

This is not an inordinate amount of time, but it will cut into the many other projects I have going, some of which are pressing...

I am involved in projects that ideally would involve using the services and resources such a studio offers. I of course do not want to pay full price, but I do want the professionalism offered for my projects...

So here is what the two of us worked out and shook hands on (preliminary, a contract will follow)...


For each day (10 hour) I spend consulting, I will get 'paid' in access to the studio and all services for a day as I may require, no limits.

At retail the full cost to me would be 20k USD a day!

Bottom Line: I have just negotiated and closed on a consulting project worth $100k USD for 5 days of work (minimum, maybe more)...

Of course, the actual cost to the friend is not anywhere close to 20K USD a day, but it will be around $10k a day, depending on the support and equipment.


What the two of us worked out was a win-win agreement.

(1) He wins through getting the services from me to get his social and online program on track (he and his people's expertise lies in actually creating videos and images, covering events, etc. NOT the online marketing end of business) and...

(2) I win by getting access to a high-end studio with full support as I may need for my own projects (which I would have had to pay a lot of money for or compromise on the quality of videos and recordings to bring costs down)...

Bottom Line 2: This agreement is a desirable outcome for both parties, because we win...Negotiation skills we both used helped close this right there at the table, and with one meeting.



My teachers and professors used to tell me to pay attention to the lessons.

That is my advice to you all here.

Watch, learn, ask questions, learn by doing, and make mistakes, they will help you make fewer mistakes later...

You never know how what you have here will help you down the road in ways that you cannot imagine at this very moment...

Bottom Line 3: There can and will be side benefits to applying yourself here. It is how you use the skills you acquire, there are NO LIMITS!



Oh yes, also learn about negotiating skills...You never know when you will need them too...That is a subject that is NOT covered here, but I may add some training on that for you if there is an interest...

Let me know below if a tutorial on developing negotiating skills would be something you would find useful please! I will gladly put it together, this is an area I have had a lot of experience with over the years...

This is essentially what you are doing with your prospects...you present an offer in such a way that they are willing or feel compelled to take action on the offer, and of course you get the lead, hopefully the conversion, and hopefully the commission...There is some psychology behind this dynamic...



Cheers All and I believe in you always!

Dave : )

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WTucker1 Premium
great story and lesson. I was fascinated by the progression of the "deal"
DaveSw Premium
Thanks, this was a blow by blow explanation, but I was hoping to have enough background to give it meaning for readers. Sometimes you wonder how such deals are done, what is behind them, and who wins...Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment! Cheers! Dave : )
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Contacts are the best thing going. I have 10 Muslim employees and the Hindu and Christians will have to carry the load. This happens every year. This directly affects my 2 most senior programmers. We also provide FREE SSL services to many website owners who do not want a huge payment to their hosting company after the first free year.... All Muslim support.

Don't concentrate on the payday, Concentrate on getting the task done. I would be curious to see how this turns out for you... and the lessons you learn.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks and I will post an update as this progresses...

Yes, we deal with people of all faiths and backgrounds here...

The 'pay' I get for this project will enable me to further leverage my other projects in ways that are yet to be seen...

That is what this is all about...It all is cumulative in nature...

I do like what I am doing, that helps too (passion)...

My delivery is genuine, and what I deliver is genuine as well...

Dave : )
Dmorrow Premium
Awesome Dave, well done! Contacts are good to have but, if you didn't have the skills, the contacts would be useless! Great lesson for us all.
DaveSw Premium
I have been blessed over the years to have had good people lead me in directions I needed to go, and they always told me that preparation meets opportunity.

I believed them, have tried to live this, and this is an example that bears out their advice...

Thanks much for the kind words I am in a good mood at the moment. Everyone needs a win once in a while...

Let's see what happens when the boots hit the ground in his operation hehe! Maybe it will be a bit more like a nightmare?

No matter, I like challenges!

Dave : )
Defiant6 Premium
Wow, that is amazing! Congratulations on that and you are right about things falling into place!
DaveSw Premium
Yes, it really is true that things you do are cumulative in this business...I had no idea that a chance like this would appear, but at the same time, all the work to get where I am has brought me to the point where I could close such a deal as this...Thanks for the good wishes, this is a great day! Cheers! Dave : )
Compsol99 Premium
That's awesome Dave! It certainly pays to have contacts.
DaveSw Premium
Yes, it sure does...It also pays never to burn bridges if you can avoid it, fall on your sword only when it REALLY is required. Thanks, M8 and have a great day! Cheers! Dave : )
Compsol99 Premium
Hi Dave,
There are times when you really want to burn that bridge because you want to tell that person off. Unfortunately, while that may feel good for the moment it can come back and bite you in the butt later on down the road.

I only wish I had some contacts like that. Being a web developer by trait it sure would be nice.
Have a great weekend!
DaveSw Premium
Yes, Shawn, I have burned a few bridges, but darn few...You are right on the contacts, so important...A bit of luck is involved, but that preparation meets opportunity thing does come into play as well...

This friend and business owner and I have done deals totally unrelated to what we both are doing now. He was working for RTA (Road and Transport Department) here in Dubai back in the days...

I was dealing in the finance and investment world during those days, and the project we did together made both of us some good money, with little work...

Years later, what we just concluded is totally unrelated. What the thread is between the two is knowing and trusting one another for doing business...

Funnily enough, I am not sure to this moment if this all was a planned thing on their part. Coffee on a weekend, during Ramadan, is a bit unusual...

No matter, it works out well for both (or all) of us ...The years of consist performance builds trust...On both sides...

Dave : )
Compsol99 Premium
Trust on the part of both parties is a huge thing and given that you've worked with your friend in the past and made some money together makes it an easy decision to work together again. Best of luck in your ventures.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks M8! : )