Remember Your First Sale Experience? My Testimonial
Last Update: December 22, 2015



This started out as a reply to Kyle's post yesterday, but I decided to make it an entirely separate post and delete it from the comment section on his post, because I am pretty sure it will get lost in the many comments!


Hi Kyle,

Good post and lots of responses to your post, I am not surprised, this is a subject we can all relate to and have input on.

Here's mine...

Note: I am breaking this up, because it might be a bit much to digest otherwise (I tend to drill down lol!)...



Ahhh that first sale...A $50 commission.. A "Blue Ribbon" Feeling!

This WAS good feeling and a realization that this online 'thing' might have some substance to it, as opposed to the frustration I had felt for the first few months, dipping my figurative toe into the online marketing waters...

That frustration was two-fold in nature...

(1) I had not found Wealthy Affiliate (a viable system), and
(2) Nor had I made any money to that point (as in spending much more than $50!)...

To the contrary, my foray into this world really was costing me more and more money, as I veered from one thing to the next, the next big thing that promised me millions NOW, if only I would send in $29, etc.

But nary a sale in my PayPal account to verify that my venture was worth the time, effort or money over the first few months...BUT...Now I had $50!?



In my frustration, I starting upping the due diligence process prior to pulling out my credit card, because the unused folders of data, the tools, and the programs were piling up on my hard drive!

As mentioned, I finally did make that sale (and $50) from an MLM program (BAD - MLM should be a 4 letter word lol) I had gotten involved in, and it felt good, but honestly somehow's why:

The ROI on that sale was a cool hard - 10x my investment! Meaning I had spent $500 to make $50! That kind of a business will make you go broke fast! That is not business, that is getting the 'business!'

Then I received a 'present!' Read on...



So, in my ongoing search for a solution during that time, I came across a review site created by Ian (known as 'Pribs' here on WA) where, after looking at his report on yet another scammy program (thanks for saving me money buddy!), I discovered his excellent review of this site.

It did not take me long to sign up, let me tell you (Thanks so much Ian, yet again! This was a HUGE gift from you!)...I did it quicker than you read this sentence almost!

I had found a home!


For the rest of the story, my other ventures between that MLM that brought me online initially, and finding Wealthy Affiliate, had cost me more money and brought little in additional income (more negative ROI)...

I knew there were lots of people making money, but NO ONE gave me a complete picture on how to get started doing it...UNTIL Wealthy Affiliate!

To wind up this little tale, that first sale online did whet my appetite, and verified to me that it was possible to succeed, but did not really give me that warm and fuzzy feeling I could do the same as so many others...

Since being here over the last 6 months, however, that has ALL changed! The guidance and tools/lessons provided here have finally made it possible, along with my own experience and effort, to approach this as I do offline businesses...and have success!



This is what I would leave with all here...The tools are here, the path is clear, now it is up to you to take the bull by the horns and do something with it!

That first sale feels good, no doubt, savor it...But believe me, over time, when you look back and see what you have built (and are succeeding at) subsequent to that first sale, the feeling will be MUCH better!

There are so many here that can attest to this I have seen/read about, so read, believe, act, and achieve this success for yourself! Anything is possible!


Dave : )

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playfulheart Premium
Thanks for sharing and giving us newbies something to look forward to. Happy Holidays!
kennick2015 Premium
Can't exactly remember my first sale Dave but I think it was way back in the good old days of the "Wu Yi Tea" craze when you didn't need a website, just an affiliate link and PPC advertising.
DaveSw Premium
Hi Ken, Ahhh the good old days, Good to know that this online marketing business is not a one-hit wonder, but can provide a long term steady income...Cheers to you for sharing!!! Dave : )
maxser67 Premium
Great post David!!!
A real motivator (if that word exist?)
ClareG Premium
Great post! Thanks for sharing.
DaveSw Premium
Hi Clare, Thanks so much! This Wealthy Affiliate site I can say with authority is sooooooo good lol! Have aa great hoiliday and 2016!! Dave : )
tonlip1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Dave. This definitely provides motivation to continue with the training knowing good things will happen. :)
DaveSw Premium
Thanks much M8! Yes it surely will...The story repeats itself over and over again here, but it is always nice to have some conformation that what you are doing will bring results...Have a great holiday and an even better 2016!!! Dave : )
krazykat Premium
Thanks for a great share Dave!
I don't have my first internet sale experience to share YET.
I will be sure to let you know when I do :-)
DaveSw Premium
Hi Val!

Thanks also for stopping by...Snuck this one blog in before signing off for a couple of day hehe, not sure if that is possible, but let's see if I can get by 2 days without WA!

Please do let us know I am sure it will come...You have the personaility for this stuff, once it is documented on your site, it will be smooth like silk!

Dave : )
lindasea Premium
Thank you David! What a great way to emphasize how totally amazing and awesome is WA, the education we receive, the encouragement, the support, the people we meet and who become our friends, are there words to really explain what a fantastic place this is. Fantastic, amazing, awesome....they just somehow fall flat.

But your does a pretty darn good job of putting into words and giving that well-deserved pat on the back to Kyle.

You do good stuff! "-)

Thank You!

DaveSw Premium
LOL thanks Linda....

I thought this post was maybe deleted...The beer pic at the end may have crossed an invisible line...I was a bit worried, but decided, what the hay?

The reason I brought my comment from Kyle's post over here was that it seemed to get longer and longer, plus I thought all those words needed a few ornaments (i.e. pictures) to dress it up some...

Really glad you stopped by, enjoyed the post, and took the time to comment/provide feedback! I wish you and your loved ones all the best for the holidays and of course a super succesful 2016!

Dave : )
Mike1942 Premium
Beautifully written Dave. You hit it right on the nose! I guess many of us feel similar emotions as you have described them.
I cannot say that I am still waiting for my first sale, this fell into my lap without much effort and without a site of my own up, through Google+. How? I still really don't know because I still don't understand exactly how Google+, Twitter, and all these social innovations work. But now it is up to me to make more sales and make a small income out of it. My site is up since yesterday and it is not yet what I want it to be. This will entail much work yet over the holidays and hopefully I'll get it together by January, or there a bouts!
Thanks again David, it is much appreciated!
All the best to you and yours for the season!

DaveSw Premium
Hi Mike!

Thanks much for your compliment...Thre are so many great stories here and experiences...This is one of the reasons I spend so much time on this site, really is too much, but I enjoy....

Glad to hear that you are getting some success with this online marketing stuff, it is such a new world for me, and I think it is the same for you...Fun though, and a challenge!

Mike, if you can encapsulate who you are and what you have experienced here in this online world, you are going to run away with this business! I am sure that you will get to where you want to be, you have a cheering section on Wealthy Affiliate (and I am a member!)!

Wishing you the same over there for the holidays, getting ready to shut down for a couple of days in these parts, after tomorrow is clean up on Thursday for a few hours, then break time!

Cheers and prost!
Dave : )
Mike1942 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Dave. You don't know how much I need that, between fighting computer technology and having to get use to "socializing" This does not come naturally for me at all.
I wish you all the Best for the Season and enjoy your days off!
paulgoodwin Premium
OMG what a story Dave loved it and the graphics!!!
DaveSw Premium
Hi Paul,

Thanks M8!

The beer shot at the end I just could not resist lol! It is a close up of a nice cold pilsner bier from Germany as a matter fact!

Glad you enjoyed the story too M8!

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for the holidays and 2016!

Dave : )
paulgoodwin Premium
LOVE it Mate!!!
Brouse Premium
DaveSw Premium
LOL, still editing, likely your screen is going nuts! Cheers!! Dave : )