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Last Update: January 26, 2018

Hello, Group Members (and any other WA members popping through)...

Today I am getting back on track with the formation posts for the groups that have enouh interest from members to get off the ground.

These are the last three (I will post two more today) and we will have this stage completed...

Once everyone adds their input to this first meeting to get things started, we can discuss and decide on goals and objectives.

I will post results right here too and one of the group members will take on the role as a group leader.

From that point, the groups can commence operating...

Catherine and myself will help the group leaders (at this point, it is her and I, but we do need more advisors) to make each group work effectively...

The main focus will be helping members to use the training found here and plus helping participants get more done, and of course, help each to start making some money...

These initial steps I am taking us all through is meant to make the group process be more effective...It will mean a very clear path to getting to success for group members...

Note that this group is conbined with the Retirement Income Over 50 members, there is some realtionship...

Here is where we are with this group...

There are 6 members that signed up as follows:

Dave (DaveSw)

Ariel (arielharris7)

Barb (zebby36)

Judy (Freisia)


Dianne (dancinscott)


(1) As you can see, there are 4 members. This means we can add more members if there is an interest. Once this group is underway, we can add more groups or add to this group,

(2) As I have stated the idea is that we turn this into an ongoing program where new members or experienced members can choose to be a part of...

(2) In that light, if you are interested, just provide answers to the questions I have added in the comment section below, and we will set you up!.

The Group

Group Leader...

As I stated above, I will help get the group off the ground and from there will look for one of the members to take on this role. Not a lot of work, but some. The idea is to keep the group moving forward, keep them focused, help them as may be required, and be there for them...

Group Members...

If you have not done so, please look the training in the recent blog posts I have made over the past few weeks.

I want to help you understand how groups work and how you can get the most out of them...


Next I ask each member to add their answers to the 8 questions in the next section to the comment section...

Some Questions and Requests...

This is to help us all understand each of our needs a little bit and forms the base of what will follow in group activity...

(1) What Reason(s) Do You Have For Joining This Group?.

(2) How Far Along Are You At This Moment With Your Online Business?

(3) Name The Top Three Needs You Have Right Now For Online Success...

(4) How Much Of The Wealthy Affiliate Training Have You Completed?

(5) Name Any Skills You Have That Could Be Useful For The Group..

(6) How Can We Best Communicate With You?

(7) Do You Have Preferred Times Or Days For Doing The Group Work?

(8) Is There Anything Else You Want Bring Up?

Bottom Line...

Once we have the answers, I will bring the discussion around to getting individual and group goals in place, and a plan to get that done through Group activity.

We Are Back, and Better Than Ever - Never Quit!!


Dave : )

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CathGartArt Premium
Yes pleas add me in - will answer questions soon!
LuisT1 Premium
Hey Dave!

Sorry ..skipped how to best communicate with me. Here it is:

By private messaging here at the WA or via my profile page.

Thanks again!
LuisT1 Premium
Hi Dave!

1. Mostly engagement, support, sharing experiences and knowledge. I've been pretty much on my own since I got started back in june of 2017. I have researched and found out how valuable it is to belong to a group (mastermind) and avoid isolation.

2. As mentioned above, I joined WA in june of 2017. I've created only one website (blog) thus far which is slowly (very slowly) getting traction.

3.Top three needs for online success:
1. Improving Social Media Engagement.
2. Running successfull Email List Campaigns.
3. Product reviews (effective affiliate marketing).

4. I am currently on Course, Lesson 2 of the Certification course. I have yet to join the Affiliate Bootcamp.

5. I have a fair understanding of digital marketing concepts (SEM,SEO,Wordpress, content marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing...all learned here at the WA!). I also consider my writing skills to be one of my strongest assets. I am also fluent in english and spanish.

6. I am available mostly in the afternoons,from Monday to Saturdays, anytime after 5 pm (Mexico time).

7. I guess I'm just a bit tired of the isolation aspect of the business. It can get pretty lonely and the value of a support group that shares the same goals and ideas, where you can vent your trials and achievements, that has a ton of value. Group support is an essential part of the journey! Thanks for offering this opportunity.
DianneBee Premium
1. I'm overdue for retirement with no time to waste.
2.I have 3 sites worth building further yet the one targeting seniors may be too competitive to bother (so I've been advised).
3.Time management, avoid perfectionism, tune my writing voice better.
4.I did about 3/4 of boot camp and did the Certification and then started Certification again recently.
5.I'm no techie but I'm good at finding answers within the community.
6. By PM or by a specific thread here if that's set up.
7.6-8 am, 6-8 pm.
8. Not at this time.
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Dianne...Thanks for your input and I will add you above. Welcome, and I look forward to getting started! Cheers! Dave : )
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Dave,
Am I lost? Please help me find out which mentoring groups I have belonged to and when these groups are ready to begin.

I would like to attend Retirement Income after 50 since I am 73 and heading to 74 in 4 months.
DaveSw Premium
Hello, Chin!

No, you are not lost...I have now posted the final group subjects that we had enough members sign up for, and now we will go to the next steps of determining a direction for each group based on needs and training that is available within the Wealthy Affiliate platform...

I am not sure off-hand which of the groups you have signed up for, I have added members to the list based on their feedback to earlier posts regarding groups...This can be easily changed, just let me know and I will adjust (I have done so already for others)...

We are now ready to drill down and then get started!

Dave : )