GOOD Lead Magnets Can Help POWER Your Business in 2020!

Last Update: January 13, 2020

Hi, Everyone...

Today another short article, this one on lead magnets. You may have seen references to using lead magnets in the training here or elsewhere, they have been in use for years, after all...

These days people are a lot more sophisticated and their expectations are a lot higher for getting something in exchange for providing their name and email to you.

Why care about getting their details?

Facts are that most people that land on your website will leave without taking any action, never to be seen again.

Somehow you need to be able to reach out and touch them again. That is where the lead magnet comes into play...

If what you are offering adds true value to the site visitor, they are more likely to provide that information to you.



What are you going to do with their contact information?

That is easy (sort of)...


Here's what:

You are going to take the extra steps of setting up an autoresponder service to establish regular contact with them using emails, and possibly also use push notifications, chatbots, social accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, and etc. to contact them regularly...


Why do this?

Look, traffic is hard to come by using any method, to include SEO (search engine optimization) and content. We have all lived through the changes to the algorithms the search engines use to rank content and watched as our traffic has dwindled away...

Staying up with what the search engines are looking for is one more headache we have, but that is a part of the business, and the training and advice you get here will continue to work to varying degrees over time.

It is the same with lead magnets in my opinion. They are a necessary evil, and they will help make up for the decrease in traffic that you will experience from time to time using a strictly SEO approach to traffic.


Do you really want to see the visitor to your website only once?

The thing is, you want to leverage all the work you are doing to create and publish content to the maximum extent possible, and being able to touch people via emails, chats, push notfications, or even platforms like WhatsApp is going to increase the conversions of the traffic you do have.

Think about a coffee shop. If they sell a cup of coffee one time to a customer, and that customer never comes back, they have one sale. What if they added a rewards program and for every 5 coffees that customer buys, they get a free cup of coffee?

Do you think the customer will come back?

Many will, as they like getting something of value for free (and we all know how valuable coffee is!). This same principle holds true with your traffic - they like to get value for free... They will keep coming back!



Is this all "too hard to do"?

It does not have to be, but there are some steps to take care of to create a system and automate it one time and then reap the benefits all year long. I have recently read comments that it is all too much - content, website design, keywords, images, etc.

My contention is that you cannot afford NOT to be learning about lead magnets and using emails and autoresponder services for your business. Why would you ignore a source of increasing your conversions, knowing how hard it is to get it in the first place?

But I know...



People shy away from adding this element to their online marketing business...

They do not want to have to create more content, have more headaches to worry about, and etc. The lead magnet concept is just a step too far for them. The thing is, this is hurting them and their business big time when they ignore a means to grow their business...

If done properly, with planning and setting things up right once, it is not a huge burden on the online marketer's time. Most of this work is one-time. Testing and fine-tuning does not take much time going forward.

So the people avoiding this with their business are walking away from a proven method to grow their name, their brand, their reputation, their potential subcribers, and maximizing the traffic they are getting (when it is so hard to get in the first place, you really ought to wnat to maximie what you get from it?)

Okay, I hope we can likely all agree this is something good, something we need to spend some time doing, and as much as we are reluctant to learn yet more when we already have a full plate, we will get a lead magnet together and the system to leverage the subscribers that you can pull in from the traffic you may be getting...


Process for Deciding On What Kind of Lead Magnet To Use

I like to put myself in the shoes of the typical person that is visiting my website. If you have done your homework when deciding on a niche, you already know a lot about these people. You know what they like, what they need, what their problems are, what their objections are to taking action, etc.

Based on these attributes, the best lead magnet is easy to decide on. Perhaps trying two to see which is more effective is a good strategy too. Find out what converts better and then test again (keep on improving so your conversion rate increases).

Regarding the email series that you will send out, that too is a one-time thing and you can and should refine them as you see what is working and what not, but it is not something that is going to take away a lot of time from other things.



Examples of Lead Magnets

Here are some of the things that we are offering to potential referrals for Wealthy Affiliate and other platforms and tools that we recommend and promote:

(1) Three video ad creation softwares (Value $97 - from our sales page)

(2) Monthly Lead Magnet Kit Access (Value $19.95/month/$60 for 6 months/$99 a year)

(3) Private Support Platform and subject channel support (Value $48 a year)

(4) Weekly webinars that are archived with acces links on the support platform (Value $10 a month)

(5) PLR Store Access to Over 1000 products (Value $60 for 6 months or $99 a year)

(6) Personal Profile page with appointment calendar feature (Value $60)

(7) Digital Business Card (Value $45 one time)

(8) Automatic approval with delayed payment as an affiliate for all of our products.

(9) Private online meeting room with whiteboard, video, audio, file-sharing, chat, and recording features (Value $19 a month)

(10) Coaching one-on-one 2 hours. The initial session is after sign up and the second is with in the first month (Value $250)

(11) Access to 10 advanced courses on all aspects of online business, various subjects (Value $270)

(12) Access to all of the other training courses we have (Value $270)

(13) Online business templates for

- Content Marketing Plan

- Social Media Marketing Plan

- Email Campaigns Planning Calendar

- Checklists for main areas of online business


What is the total value of all this? Over $1500!


NOTE: You do not need to have this extensive of a package by any means, but you really need more than a white paper report or an ebook that most people will not read anyway. Look for things that people will actually be able to use to grow their business.



Do Most People Want This Much In A Lead Magnet Package?

So people are drinking from a fire hydrant when they first start with online marketing, but as they learn the vocabulary, learn what to do to get their website up and start creating and adding content, we are there for them to take the work to the next level...

THAT lead magnet package is one that will make life-long customers for us...

They may not know the real value of everything starting out, but if they are serious like we all are, as they gain knowledge they will see just how much all this can help them get their business on track.


So What About You? What Are Your Thoughts About Lead Magnets?

Are lead magnets something that you think can and should be a part of your online business? At what point should you start worrying about getting your system in place?

Do you know what your target audience wants, needs, and would be willing to provide you a name and email address for?

I am interested in hearing from members one way or the other. It is a long process in most cases from starting to getting significant sales, and I remember that feeling very well myself.

If I could do anything over again, it would be to start using lead magnets and building my list right after getting the website up and adding content (i.e. after 15 or so article might be a good point?).


Dave : )

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MsJeanK Premium
Loving this message Dave. I have been studying this as I am keep to get to create a list and drive some visitors to my website while I am working on my blogs etc. However, you have just made me reconsider the PDF I was going to offer lol.

One of my affiliate programmes has a free audio (hypnosis) programme before people get offered the paid deal so that could work. However, I am told it should be something that I produce myself (hence positioning myself as the expert). As that could take some time, it might be good just to offer some sort of value in any case.

Any thoughts would be welcome.
Dave07 Premium
Hi Dave
This is a brilliant article and packed full of great advice.
I’m already using lead magnets in my business although certainly not as extensive as yours.
My theory on a lead magnet is that it should be something which “solves one big problem “ for the prospective lead.
However you have given me some great food for thought for things to maybe beef up my offering a bit.

Thanks again
drjec Premium
I have struggled with attempting this with no or minimal cost. The time, energy and frustration of setting up various things to retain visitors and keep them coming back is too difficult at last for me. You article with the general suggestions of services need is a big help. This is a lot of information to digest, but its worth the effort.
DaveSw Premium
Yes, I totally agree with you that it is a struggle, It has been for me too - one of the courses that we offer highlights the fact that people (me included) tend to shy away from using methods that we may be uncomfortable with...

The easier path is the one with less resistance (i.e. just ignoring or making a conscious decision to not dive into yet something else when it comes to online marketing or anything really)...The problem is that you are missing out if you do this.

Missing getting a subscriber you can build a relationship with (as in trust, credibility, and make recommendations to), and missing out on ever seeing that person again.

Also combining tactics such as video and a lead magnet can markedly improve the bounce rate and you have a better chance of selling something to them...I know, yet more to worry about!

I look at websites such as Mathew Woodward's, or Adam Payne's, or Brian Dean's all use great content but they also have lead magnets that focus on their niche - people stick around longer and they get better SEO results and ranking too (many reasons of course for this).

I get emails from them and have other touchpoints such as Facebook, etc from these people, and often they have something of value that I want to see or take action with...

Over time, the word will spread and convincing people to entrust you with their contact information becomes easier. Of course, the great content on the website is still and always will be important...

Cheers and thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts!

Dave : )
keishalina9 Premium
*** Yes, Lead Magnets are essential to customer retention so to speak!

We know that it costs a heck of a lot more to entice first-timers versus retaining an existing one!

And follow-ups are critical in having repeat purchasers!

Super post, Dave! ... Thanks! ... ⚡️🏆⚡️ ....

enjoy a cuppa java .... ☕️ .... just for YOU! ... :) ***
DaveSw Premium
Hay There, Keisha!

Indeed java is right on at the moment, never turn down a cup if available! Mila Gracie...

You and I speak the same language when it comes to lead magnets it seems...

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the java with me!

Dave : )
keishalina9 Premium
... here enjoy another or top-up ... ☕️ ...or two! ... ☕️☕️ ...

cheerio-o ... :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Awesome information, Dave! Bookmarking this right now!😎
DaveSw Premium
Cool, Jeffrey! Glad it might help you down the road. The post from Tiffany inspired this, as the mind-set for many here seems to be they will avoid this piece of the online marketing business.

I do understand the overwhelmed bit, but really because it takes some work to figure out what kind of lead magnet works and then put it together should not stop people...

I also read here about how traffic numbers are falling due to algorithms changing with the search engines. This strategy can help on more fronts.

It can help you maximize the traffic even if dwindling from earlier times until that traffic picks up again, and you can use the lead magnet for gaining leads on other platforms as well.

One indicator of the health of the website is the bounce rate and the lead magnet can help keep people around longer. That helps the stats for Google and increases the chances you will get something out of the traffic...

Anyway, on other subjects, it looks like I am a 49ers fan for a week at least (hoping they beat Green Bay), and I do like underdogs, so let's see what the Titans can do against the Chiefs!

The two that look the strongest at the moment seems to be the Niners and the Chiefs...That will be a good Super Bowl!

Dave : )
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well, Dave--those Titans better build up a better lead than 24-0😜
DaveSw Premium
Ooof! That was something, huh? It will be a great Super Bowl I am pretty sure! :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm thinking ( and hoping) for a 49ers-Chiefs Super Bowl!