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Another short blurb for you today. I am in the middle of taking action on a number of fronts to expand my online and offline businesses in size and volume. Since joining the online marketing herd here at Wealthy Adffiliate, I have had the pleasure of being exposed to some great minds (members) that have provided untold advice on how best to get into this business. Now it is time for me to start giving back...


I have been replying to comments from other WA members on some of my blog posts over on my main affiliate money site recently, and one subject that has come up again and again is (sic) "Thanks Dave for the excellent article...My main problem is getting traffic/building my lead list/getting responsive leads, etc..."


Rather than go on and on, I would just like to provide some ideas for you to consider. First of all, think of yourself as a customer or site visitor when you visit your affilite site. What are you looking for, what are your needs, your problems, and how much time do you have? What is in it for me on this page/site?

These and more thoughts are all likely swirling through the heads of your potential subscribers. You need to offer something of value (real value, not something they can get anywhere on the web with a simple Google search) that is unique to you and your site. It should provide such a value that they would normally pay on other sites for it...


OK we have framed the problems. You want leads sales and conversions, and the visitor wants something of true value for free...To entice your site visitors to provide their name and email, You need to provide something of high value that meets one or more needs/frustrations of the visitor...How about offering some of these items:

Newsletter. This does not have to be fancy, but it should contain lots of interesting and relevant information that the subscriber can take action on. Articles that address their problem areas is good (there are some classic subjects that are evergreen in nature, and there are subjects that are cutting edge, current, and are real problems now for your potential subscribers)...

Video Training. This is something you can search for on the internet if you do not feel comfortable preparing your own. You can buy Private Label Rights (PLR) material and update/modify it easily using available low cost or free software or apps available to transform it into THE latest information available, and while doiing so adding your own "spin" to it. This could be anything, online marketing is such a big field with many areas of focus...

Magazine. I like this one because it builds scarcity (only subscribers can get it) and allows you to add advertising for your own products or services within the document. Depending on what you are covering, you can provide a real service to your list members by updating them on the latest trends, etc.

eBooks. These are easy to put together, and if you pick the right subject, they will draw people to subscribe like crazy. There is a lot of PLR products out there, and you can either buy the really cheap stuff (a lot of that is garbage though) or some of the reworked packages that are 90% done for you, minus your own personal touch to make it unique and yours.

Infographics. I like this one too because infographics are a great marketing tool for your blogs, and they can easily be added on all the social platforms your subscribers would want to use them for. You can add your own website and other business information, and voila, let everyone use it as they wish! YOUR website url is spreading as well!

Tools. These could be WordPress plug-ins, they could be software for which you have resell or white label rights to giveaway or sell, or it could be that offering a training program that would be helpful to potential subscribers. All of these items many visitors likely would be willing to pay money for, and you are giving it away for a signup of their name and email!

Contests or Surveys. For putting these together you can use some of the free online sites or you can buy apps that will make preparing, setting up, and running them a breeze. This has the potential of going viral, by the way, and with it, your sign ups can go viral as well!


OK, so now you have a product or a series of products to convince visitors that your site os worthy of subscribing to. Next is how do you present this offer to site visitors so they are "pushed over the edge" and take action? That is a million dollar question, because unless you find the formula that works to get them to take that action, they are still not on your list!

My suggestion is to use a unique and attractive opt-in page that you can create using the plethora of tools or sites on the 'net. I have my own "druthers," but I am sure all somewhat experienced marketers do as well. My advice is to leverage what is available out there to get this done quickly and up and running, no matter which tool you may use.

Build in the capability with that opt-in form to track statistics and see test results. I would advise using an A/B testing system, whereby you can, over time, see what kind of a page is working. Do several iterations of this and you will have THE most effective opt-in form that gets you new leads on a regular basis...


The next step is to plan ahead and know the approach you will take with your leads once they are in your circle of trust. You can prepare a series of emails that are sent on a regular basis using an autoresponder to them.

The first one needs to state clearly your intent as an entrusted provider of information for them that you will provide only valuable information that they can use. This sets the stage for your desire that they open EVERY email you send. Your intent is to have them be happy when they see your mail in their inbox!

Use this trust they have awarded you wisely. Provide a lot of valuable and relevant information that for the most part is free. Once you do have trust established, it is then easy to send them mails with products that you are promoting and getting a commission for when your list members buy.


This process you go through again and again, comtinually refining it based on what you see that is working. But do not forget to look externally as well...What am I talking about? Read on...

For instance, have you ever noticed that all the super affiliates (ones making over a 6 figure income regularly) are giving away VALUABLE bonuses when they send out mails promoting products to their list? Why do they do this?

It has been shown through gathering of sales data over a years time, using real tracking of sales by real marketers, and analyzing results, that they can increase conversions by a factor of up to 5!

That sounds incredible but it is true! What is this simple tool? BONUSES! If you look at what they are doing, many have a special bonus page set up where they describe the basic offer, then add in their own bonuses for their leads. People like getting something of value free (sound familiar)...


There is soooooo much more I could add here, but I wanted to get the creative juices flowing in you. Where you take this is entirely up to you. You can read this and go on to the next blog post, you can take notes and look at them later, or you can decide right now to take action and implement some of the tools mentioned above to increase your traffic and leads!


I know that I have barely touched the surface of what can be...Please add your own ideas, frustrations, and solutions you have used below so we can all learn and get better at this affiliate online marketing business.


Dave : )

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Recent Comments


Awesome post! I am saving this one in my reference folder. Thank you David.

Hi Kari,

Thanks and I am glad you found it of some use! Best of luck as you get your online program in place!

Dave : )

Hi David,

Great post!
I just started an email marketing campaign and I am writing an ebook to give away for new subscribers.

I took the free Aweber trial. Haven't really tried it as I want to finish my ebook first but I had a look and it looks quite fine and easy to use.
What do you think of Aweber and would you recommend another site like Mailchimp or Get Response instead?

I looked up for ebooks in my niche ( music production ) but I haven't found any so I decided to write one myself... Takes some time but I think it's going to be worth it :) Really counting on my email campaign to boost my sales ( That are up to zero right now lol )

I am looking for PLR products but I have seen some negative things about it like plagiarism , duplicate content, bad quality,... and again nothing interesting about music production. Most of these websites don't seem very legit to me...

Which websites would you recommend that are trustful and deliver quality content? Do you any that offer video turorials on music production?

Sorry for all the questions but I am hoping to really move forward with my email campaign and it's kind of difficult to find the right info about it.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Angel,

That you are taking the iniative and putting an eBook together is great I think...

AWeber is a good autoresponder. I use Get Response and have no trouble with it, but several here have said they have trouble integrating it with the theme they are using, so I guess you will have to see for yourself. There are other alternatives like MailChimp and they also work pretty good....

I head to JVZoo or ClickBank to see what is available there regarding PLR, and there are some niche products available. The thing is you really need to use it as a base and change it up to make it your own, Who knows how many other people have bought it and yes duplication is the issue. PLR by definition normally includes the rights to claim authorship, but as I said, not smart too use without a major overhaul....

You could check out a site called Udemy to see what they offer for courses, and also if you are that gifted you might consider developing your own course and sell it on that and similar sites. If you do a Google search you will quickly be able to check out the different ones...

If you are developing an email campaign that goes with hour eBook, I would recommend researching here and on the 'net some of the ways to get it in place. There is a lot of free stuff oit there, but the value and quality varies wildly, from garbage to really good stuff!

I would also look into video courses that could go nicely with your eBook. You could even develop some infographics and a number of posts for your site and social platform accounts. Try to also sign up for authorship with Google (there is training on this here) because that will help with visibility too...

I hope this helps a bit, sorry late coming back to you, just back on the old laptop here, duty called and I had to run out for other business! Best of luck to you, it sounds like you are ready to take action and that with a definite purpose in mind...That is EXACTLY what you need!

Dave : )

Thank you David,

Thanks for your response! You are always very resourceful :)

I have an account with Click Bank but I haven't been using it so far. I had a look and I found out that there are some interesting products to promote in my niche . I will definitely have a further look.
Thank you for mentioning JV Zoo and Udemy. I had never heard about those sites before and after a quick look I can see they can be useful too :)

I have been looking around already to make the best out of my ebook. I am using Open Office but I'll need to figure out what format I 'll have to use or how to add it to my newsletters,.. but work for later :)
Not sure if I can call it an ebook because it will be less than 20 pages.
Should I promote is a ebook or a guide in that case?

Have a nice day!

Thanks Angel for the wishes on a nice day, here in Dubai it is night already hehe...

I have seen eBooks that are about that length (this is what they choose to call them anyway), and these are usually not sold on Amazon or other eBook site, rather used as giveaways or as a bonus....

If you add a little more "meat" I am sure that you can get a eBook out of it however....Better yet, keep a smaller version as a giveaway, and flesh it out using the smaller version as a framework for a full blown eBook!

So I guess to answer your question, if it were me, I would add a few pages and call it an eBook, somehow for me as a prospective subscriber, I want to get a book rather than a pamphlet....

There was a period when the rage were "White Papers." Corporations still use these kind of documents - I still get about 5 once a week from different niches I am involved in (i.e fuel, green technology, etc.)...

These I like because they have a LOT of information in a small footprint...You can easily red through it and have a good idea of the latest happenings in the niche...

In the Army we used to have the same thing, we called it a SITREP...that was the first thing I looked at in the mornings...It gave me a clear picture of what was done and what was going to be biting me in the A$$ that day lol!

Have fun!!!

Dave : )


Actually it's almost evening in Barcelona too. I didn't know you were in Dubai ;)

I think I can possibly add a few more pages and call it an ebook but I will still give it away as a free bonus for subscribing to my newsletter.

The point now is not to make money out of it but to 'attract' future customers by offering something valuable and gain their trust.

If I manage to do well , I will certainly consider the idea of creating one that's for sale later.

You've been a great help! It's nice to be able to enjoy from your experience :)

So have a great night then!


Danada! : )

Great stuff David! I will bookmark this for later. The whole idea of creating an opt in list is something I am just starting to think about! Ps jealous that you live by the beach! You

Hi Ruth! I am glad that you found this useful and I do the same with some of the posts here...I want to find them again lol! Cheers!! Dave : ) PS Beach is not all THAT (but it is nice once in a while heehee)....

Good thought provoking post Dave. With so many options and so much competition out there today you've got to be offering something of perceivable value in return for their email address. And have enough follow up goodies to keep them on your side.

Hi Ken,

I just took action on one of the items as follows:

All my sites will now have my just completed "CLICKS - FREE Monthly Marketing Magazine" (First issue Published!) banner on them... So far I am testing on one site...Looking OK....

The process is that when potential subscribers click on the banner, they will be taken to an opt-in form (Made a seperate page on the site for this)...

After subscribing, they will get the first issue of the magazine sent to them in PDF format via email....This will be sent automatically thereafter as I publish them...

Let's see how much interest is generated and what it does for my lead lists signup totals.

I have quite a few sites to place this banner on, and the magazine is generic enough that it can apply to all i.e, video clients, marketing clients, and the various affiliate sites visitors...

Fingers crossed, this was a LOT of work lol!

Dave : )

Well you're definitely on the right track Dave. Once you get the formula right and the leads start flowing, as you said in your post, it's just a case of "rinse and repeat". I'm sure you need to end up with multiple sites using the same formula to get the long term results. That's the way the "big boys" operate.

Yeah I am studying those guys and how they operate. There are the reputable ones and ones...meh, not so much...

No matter, I am following what the good ones are doing, and NOT following what the bad ones are doing....

: )

Unfortunately Dave a lot of the "bad" ones are making a lot of money!

I know...It is just so....Wrong! They give the whole market segment a bad name....We all get labeled as these few bad ones, and it simply is not the case.

People like us are working hard to provide good info and use tools like the ones above to attract skeptical visitors (who can blame them after being taken in by the less than above board folks)...

Makes our job that much harder...Meanwhile they are drinking a cocktail on a beach somewhere laughing all the way to the bank! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I live on a beach Dave, but honestly I'm not one of them!

LOL that is good...I live not far, maybe 5 minutes away, close to the Burj Al Arab....

I am not one of those either hehe...

Maybe we can have that cocktail at the Burj when we become one of "those"!

Haha not sure but we can do it without...This is the right time of year to do that...Outside on the beach is great...We often head down there at the 5 oclock bell...Happy Hour....Yes!

If I'm ever passing through that way I'll look forward to it. Cheers.

That would be wonderful! I am sure you have some really interesting stories regarding your business and personal life. I have had a few myself, so we would not be bored! Cheers!

What a great post! Thank you much!

Glad you liked it and hope that it helps when it comes to ideas for creating enticing offers for site visitors to subscribe.... : )

I will. I'm sure I'll come back for a re-read as well. I'm new here. Just a few months. I need not to find time, but MAKE the time to finish my websites. I know what has to be done but life can get in the way! Hence why I'm up at 4am "in me time zone" to research and write.

Keep blogging!

Tnaks and sure will lol....I have the same battle...Too many irons in the fire, so I am steeling myself to complete one thing after another, and farming out what I can (delegate)... Cheeeeeeers! : )

Thank you for a very interesting post.

No problem at all! I hope that it of some use for you.... : )

Thank you Dave for another great posting of valuable information!

Generating creativity always makes the sun shine:)

Hi Dave, Noooooo problem, hope it generates some creativity on this dark and cloudy day in Dubai (wow no sun?) Cheers! Dave : )

Let's hope so...Although the clouds and somewhat cooler temps today are as nice for a change as the sun and heat is in Frankfurt lol! : )

I am an amateur meteorologist so weather has always been a passion of mine. I was a weather spotter for the National Weather Service for 30 years in the Midwest. I have done tornado chasing and have been chased a few times, (not as much fun as chasing; lol). I have it on my list to do a site around this topic.

That is cool! That last sentence took away my next question....I imagine that is a great niche and such an exciting (and dangerous?) one too! Wow, great stuff!

I have been pounded by hail and I have had cloud to ground lightning strike close enough that I felt the electricity in the air and the heat. When you feel your hair start to stand up on your head and your arms you know you are in a dangerous place.

Hi Dave,

Yes I can imagine. This would be a really good niche I think...I would love to stop by and read about your experiences, and as you add to these by writing about other experts in that field...

Also I imagine there is a LOT of equipment and supplies that you could sell on such a niche blog site...The next steo would be to create your own products and sell them there and on other sites such as ClickBank...

This could be a business for sure! I wish you wel should you decide to pursue this, and keep me in the loop. If nothing else, I can live vicariously through reading your posts!

Dave : )

Hello Dave, I think that I will do a site on this. I was burned out and in mourning after the Joplin, Missouri tornado. 163 people were killed and over 10,000 buildings were damaged and destroyed. I knew people that died and as a state fire marshal I helped to pre-plan a couple of nursing homes in Joplin on what to do in case of a tornado. One of those homes lost 12 people and the other lost 8. I also was out storm spotting that day and I could see what was happening about 30 minutes before it happened. Then I was there right after the tornado and I helped off and on for the next 3 months.

I will plan on putting the site together by the first of March so it will be online for tornado season. Thanks for letting me vent. :) Dave.

Hey There Dave,

That is some tough stuff to have gone through...I have family right near that area and of course we were all concerned during that period. They had damages but fortunately no loss of life...It was sad to see so much destruction and deaths that resulted...

Perhaps a corollary on the site of the niche "storm chasing" could be emergency procedures to take in such situations. You would certainly catch more people that could benefit from such information. With all the changes in the climate we are living through, likely there will be more of such weather events...

One of the projects I am involved in is similar. I work with a native indigenous NGO in Mindinao (southern-most island in the Philippines). They work to provide, among other things, disaster relief to islanders.

Because of my background in logistics, I have been able to get some things organized for them to have pre-positioned stocks on hand ready to deploy when such extreme storms hit (they get like between 20-30 each year!)...

It is a field that will help a lot of people. Knowing what to do and what NOT to do can make the difference between surviving and..not. The other thing is that AFTER such a storm, getting assistance quickly to the point of need is important...That is another niche actually, and a yet one more valid one!

No problem on the venting, gotta do this once in a while...

Dave : )

Thanks Dave.

You mentioned some good ideas. Not trying to steal your thunder, but I have been thinking about a newsletter, giveaways, and I have even seen where people will partner with you i.e., contribute money to help you spread the gospel. I seen this done by another Christian site. I'm using this as an example because I have a site that is Christian based.
Anyway, I have been seeing a lot of what I just mentioned, in Twitter by well established websites. I'll tell you, I have been getting a lot of follows on Twitter daily. I'm going off on a rabbit trail. Anyway, those are great ideas!
Thank you Dave,

Hi Ed,

This is great stuff...No need to steal thunder lol, I want this to be a sharing post where we can learn from one another.

These are good ideas you have on sharing and partnering....This is most certainly a way to build your authority and get some of the "rub off" from the person you share or partner with...

Twitter and even FB are useful as well, because they become like beacons throwing your light even further...

Best of luck to you as you progress, it sounds like you are on the right track!


Dave : )

Thanks a lot buddy! Good luck to you!

Thanks Dave. I like your blog.

Hi Again Marilyn,

This is just a quick post....I thought it might be useful, so many are saying in the comments on my site that this is one of their biggest concerns with the online marketing program...

Unlike that the movie with Kevin Costner in it, where he built a baseball field in the middle of a corn patch in Iowa, just because you build it (your site) it does NOT mean the traffic will come!


Dave : )

Very nicely put together with a great amount forthought. Much of what you say is a bit over my head but I am going to hold onto this piece and return to is as I get a little farther down my learning curve. Thank you. DAN

HI Dan,

I recommend bookmarking the post and when you get to the point that this kind of info would be helpful, you can quickly get back here. I hope that over time there will be lots of additional comments and ideas that have been added. This is for us all as is Wealthy Affiliate!


Dave : )

Thanks David: Also a very distinguished looking picture you have there. DAN

Hi Dan...Not sure, that was back in the days when I had to wear suits often...Nowadays...Not so much lol....There are occasions when I have to bite the bullet though, and slip into one...Cheers! Dave : )

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