Another "Super" Affiliate Blacklisted from my comments

Last Update: May 28, 2019

Hi, Everyone...

A word of warning...

Another SuperAffiliate is no longer going to waste my time on writing content for their :"super" post comment request...

No time for this...The website was "Work From My Laptop", and the comment requested was for a post on links...

Here is the stated reason for disapproval:

"Your 5 paragraph comment was thorough, but it just sounded a bit unnatural and more of a post summary instead of a comment. In your last paragraph you ended with a very relevant question that was completely natural in its delivery. The comment would have been much more natural sounding and highly relevant if it had been limited to just the first and last paragraphs"

No problem "super affiliate"...

Won't happen again because I am not commenting anymore on your super posts!

The blacklist for members who will not waste my time grows again by one and again from a super affiliate...

This is a trend...

Perhaps Kyle can provide these super affiliates with some guidance?

Have a great day all...

Dave : )

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LauraFuller Premium
Dave, You give the best comments I have had to date. It always amazes me how much knowledge you have. Keep up the great work. I for one love what you do.

DaveSw Premium
Why thank you, Laura...I really so try to add something of value and I do tend to go on a bit...

It comes from being a Sergeant Major and everyone having to listen to me when I got on a soapbox hehe!

Everyone was so glad when I finally retired! ;)

Dave : )
laparra1 Premium
Good evening Dave,

You make good and long comments. I have them on my posts and I am happy about that.

Quite often I do make a little change here or there as I do not like to disapprove when I can see people make a real effort.

I hope you can take this episode with a grain of salt, it should not ruin your day.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
DaveSw Premium
Hi Taetske...

Thanks and this got Kyle's attention so let's see if the system can be tweaked a bit, or at least maybe all people reviewing comments for approval will think through why they cannot accept a comment.

It does happen that someone can be way off base. I had one disapproved a long time ago because the subject and even the content could be interpreted a couple of ways...

My comment was not related to what the author wanted to focus on, so although it was a good comment (I thought) it was really not relevant to what he was looking for...

That one I could see the sense in disapproving. All the others, not really...Tool long, sounds unnatural, reciting what is in the post but not related, etc. Huh? :)

Greetings to you from the heat of Dubai - It hot well over 40 C here today...Summer is here...Ooof...

Dave : )
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Dave

> My comment was not related to what the author wanted
> to focus on, so although it was a good comment (I thought)
> it was really not relevant to what he was looking for...

I'm just wondering whether if an Organic Visitor who read that post, would have interpreted it the same as you, or not?

A few times I have seen clearly organic comments (they stand out like sore thumbs compared to WA comments) where the commenter clearly was referring to another blogpost and their comment was totally irrelevant to the blog on which they commented. YET, it was approved for no other reason than it being an organic comment.

Your comment couldn't have been that far off topic, that it would not at all have contributed to the LSI Keywords, and if it was, then maybe Organic Visitors could misunderstand / misinterpret the post as well - which means that the Writer didn't clarify or given enough details in the post.

Example: The other night I commented organically on somebody's post and thought a picture that was referred to, was missing. Turns out that the way it was worded was a bit confusing, but the Person was gracious and said "Oops, if that is what you thought, others may think the same, so I have reworded it to make it clear." None of us are perfect and nobody ever will be.

Anyway, just my 2c again. ;-)

Wishing you an awesome day, Dave!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Dave,

Some time ago I had somebody who had commented on various posts and I saw always the same structure and words were being used. I started changing some words.

I left a comment on somebody's post and saw this person had left a comment the same as on my posts. By the next time, I got a comment again from this person and it was the same thing all over again I did not accept it anymore.

The other time was very strange. I had received my first very nice comment and I replied. A new person commented and it was a copy/paste of that first comment. That one I also refused.

Let us see if they can fine tune the system, still, I think it is doing quite a good job.

Here, in the south, we had already 30C but today will be a pleasant 25C. How is humidity in Dubai? I hope dry. Normally we have 50%, not too bad.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
DaveSw Premium
That is some strange things you have picked up, but maybe it goes back to a 'cut and paste' mentality to get a maximum number of comments posted...

I do know that I have to take breaks if I try to do too many in a row without a pause. If you really put effort into them, it requires some effort...

The humidity and temps here in Dubai have been merciful for the most part until this week... We just went to 105F then 103 F with the humidty way up there (sticky up there)...

But, prior to this week, it has been in the balmy 90s and what made that seem nice was almost no humidity so no complaints, we have been lucky...

Now for the next 4 months, we are going to catch it! :)

TC! : )
laparra1 Premium
Stay cool Dave, WA and temperature wise.

All the best, Taetske
neilc Premium
I've definitely had no problems with your comments, Dave! Every one gets approved.

You're one of the very few here who always leaves in-depth comments on my site. I'd say you're on par with JeffWA lol.

So a HUGE thanks :-)
DaveSw Premium
Thanks to you as well for the kind words! : )
neilc Premium
No problemo!
AkshaySaxena Premium
I don't understand the logic of disapproval, at all.
Even if somebody totally dislike any comment, it's better to delete it in WordPress. Or, editing is the best idea.
I'm happy to have your comments on some of my posts, they are very well detailed and thorough.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks, M8! :)
Kyle Premium
Sorry to hear this Dave, sounds like you have caught this person on a bad day. It should have been approved it sounds, and edited slightly and simply responded to. If you want to PM me this users username, I will investigate here.

Seems like a strange disapproval.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks, Kyle...I would hope the author of the website will see this...The logic just didn't pass muster on this...Since there is no check on disapprovals, I have seen this happen more than once...

I do know that an additional step of reviewing disapprovals of comments would be burdensome and is not a serious enough problem to warrant such a step...

Perhaps tracking of people's disapproval rates and at a certain point having a trigger to look into it might suffice. This automates the process and does not task your team.

I will PM you the name, but I can say that in general, it is chiefly the super affiliates here for some reason who are very particular about what they approve and disapprove, at least it has been for me...

Perhaps it is not even intentional, they have a high standard and high expectations (if a bit murky as to what they might be) which is a part of who they are (and why they push themselves to attain that status)...

It might just be a case of bringing it up and discussing it with them, and through osmosis, it will sink in that a bit of common sense and EQ will guide them for use of the comment tool...

I am quite sure that they do not have that same high expectation for a potential referral, they could write eight words and get approved (i.e. "I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate under you!")...

I do love that tool and for the most part, it works well. I think it adds a huge boost to SEO in that you can reply to ANY comment almost if it has anything remotely to do with the post subject.

When I reply, I generally write more than the comment just for that reason. I can add a lot of content that is relevant and it does help in the search engines results...

Anyway...See how I go on and on, haha! :)

Dave : )
Bravo all the way!
skmorrow Premium
I have had similar experiences and I often will pass on leaving comments on some sites that I know are owned by super affiliates.
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Kyle

It would be awesome if Commenters have the ability to "Challenge / Appeal a Disapproval".

At this stage the system appears to be fairly one-sided, in that:

• Commenters are penalized for choosing not to comment (skipping a comment when feeling that they can't contribute to the post - which often leads to them going ahead and commenting in order to avoid the penalty, which leads to a disapproved comment in anyway - a catch 22, isn't it?)

• Commenters are penalized for disapproved comments (getting suspended).

However, Requesters are not penalized for the amount of disapprovals. At this time disapproved comments are a HUGE factor why many people don't use SiteComments, since many on here has expressed that they feel comments are rejected for superfluous reasons.

We are all in agreement that the Requesters do pay for the comments they receive, but in the same vein, the "pay" that Commenters receive is usually far less than the time they spend on reading the post and typing the comment. Many here will agree that most Commenters spend more time than what the compensation is worth.

Generally speaking, commenting is not done for the compensation, but rather in the true spirit of helping each other, and for the help received (of course). ;-)

(I'm aware that SOME may do it for the tiny compensation, but I would presume that they are in the minority, and if their comments are really of sub-standard quality, the disapproval system will take care of that.)

1) How about allowing a Commenter to "Challenge a Disapproval" and let somebody objectively review whether the disapproval was really justified or not? (Yes, it will initially create a bit of extra work, but I would bet that it would soon stabilize as soon as everybody learns the ropes.)

2) And just like Commenters has a limit on disapproved comments before getting suspended, why can't Requesters not have a limit on disapprovals and be suspended either? Thus penalize Requesters for disapproved comments that was challenged and found to have been disapproved unjustified. That should eliminate rejections for superfluous reasons.

The idea behind SiteComments are to get "good comments", not "perfect comments", right? We all know "perfect" doesn't exist.

We can't choose the quality of Organic Comments and when visiting a website, it is often clear as daylight which comments were truly organic, and which comments came from WA, since the WA comments are SO FAR ABOVE the average organic comment, that it almost looks unnatural!

So, are we to reject "good" organic comments, just because they are not "perfect", also? Or course not!

Just my 2c worth! ;-)

Kyle, what you and Carson have created here at WA is amazing and we are extremely grateful for that - thank you! This is just a few teething problems... ;-)

Wishing you an awesome day, Kyle!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)