Affiliate Linked Sharing of Success Posts No Longer Possible?

Last Update: February 02, 2020

Hi, Everyone...

Just a short note today and a question...

I wanted to share a success story using the affiliate link that used to be found at the top right of all the posts here.

Guess what? It is gone! That clickable icon is no longer available on that particular post!

Here is an image:

So is this a glitch in the system or are we not supposed to be sharing links to posts that include our affiliate ID?

If so, there is no point in sharing any success posts at all as the point (for me) is to draw in traffic to such posts and have people try out the platform for 7 days...

I am hoping this is a glitch. Is anyone else noticing this?

On the other hand, other posts still have the icon (for example this post does).

Here is an example of THIS blog post:

It is like the WA Cash Credits, changes happening, no explanation/fix, and causing me headaches and lost business...

Maybe Las Vegas fever? If so, I want to catch it (but have the glitches taken care of first!)!!!





I just tried this and it works so if this happens to you on a post here, there is a way to still use your affiliate link:

(1) Copy the link that you want to share that does not have the icon to click on in the upper right corner.

(2) Paste that link somewhere that you can access again easily, i,e, on a word document or anywhere, really...

(3) Copy your affiliate id that is added to the end of the link that you normally would see using the icon (i.e. a_atttappsus - whatever your affiliate ID is)

(3) Paste that link to the end of the post link. Check it out to make sure it is working is my advice.

NOTE:This is a little more work, but most certainly sharing success stories is a good way to get people to have a look at what is here within the Wealthy Affiliate platform so it is worth taking the time needed to make sure if they try the program you will get the credit!



NOTE 2: After getting a lot of great feedback below in the comments I have found the answer as to why the affiliate sharing link is NOT there for the particular post I was wanting to share...It seems when we publish (or when we edit) a post we can set the post to hidden, not to be shared, etc.

I would advise that in such case it would be better to post a summary or synopsis of the success post (perfectly okay) rather than using the procedure I mention above. This was you can still get the good news out, but are not going against the wishes of the author.

If you would like to share the entire post, good etiquette would require that you request it from the author. It may be that they have a specific reason for NOT having it shared in totem...Since it is not imperative in my case, I will use this option as opposed to adding my affiliate link...



Cheers and enjoy the Super Bowl today (or tomorrow morining in my case) all!

Dave : )

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RoseAnn1234 Premium
When writing any blog post in the settings on the top right we can turn off sharing, show everyone, show premium only (and even identify different premium memberships) or even make hidden.

She has obviously turned off the sharing and out of respect to her wishes, you should abide by her decision.

Adding your own affiliate link to the url may be do-able but you may be breaching her copyright and possibly even violating the terms of your WA membership, especially if she makes a complaint.

Try sending her a private message and asking for permission to use the post rather than trying to bypass her wishes.

sorry to be a downer, but we really should respect other people's wishes even if the content is fantastic.
DaveSw Premium
This is news to me (regarding the turning off the sharing capability) but good to get it out here in the community.

That is the first time I have run into a post without a share icon since it was put into place (over 4 1/2 years)...

So although I see no problem with sharing the good news found in that post (unless specifically prohibited) one approach (without asking for permission) would be to use snippets and my own explanation and cite the author without a specific link...

That will work and does not constitute a full share of the post. It also would fall into the fair use guidelines that are often used for videos, etc. where you can use snippets without infringing on others' copyrights.

If I did want to go to the next step (posting the entire article with the link), out of courtesy, the better way to go is as you suggest (getting permission from the author).

There must have been a reason she turned off the affiliate link icon so no need for me to do that, there are plenty of success stories here to share...

In any case, I am glad that:

(1) I found this instance, and
(2) Glad that we have had a chance to discuss this, and
(3) Glad that the options you mention are there (if needed), and lastly.
(4) Glad that you have brought this to our attention...

The thing I love about this place is that you learn something new every day (almost anyway)! Thanks!

Dave : )
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - there is a setting when writing a blog to turn sharing off. I guess that is what she has done.
DaveSw Premium
Hello, Diane...

Yes, I did not know about that option for posts here (but I like it), and it is good to know....It actually opens up some possibilities that I had not thought of...

If the post is hidden or only available for identified people, I guess that means that nobody else here should be able to see the post? That can come in handy if you are communicating with only your referrals, etc.


What are the implications when sharing is turned off for a post and someone does share it somewhere (i.e. on a social media platform)? Terms of membership violation or a gray area (as in bad etiquette)?

Anyway, it pays to ask when you have a question, the only dumb question is the one not asked!

Dave : )
Ropesa Premium
Hi Dave, I had not noticed this problem. I sure hope they will fix it because I do like sharing success stories on social media to attract referrals.
If I cannot use my Affiliate ID then what is the point?

Its only fair that if I share a success story and someone joins the platform, they join as my referrals since I am the one who directed them to WA.

I sure hope this issue will be sorted.

DaveSw Premium
Hi, Rose...

As they say, you learn something new every day....Kerry Ann above (aka Rose Ann or Rosie the Rodie) has provided the answer.

The author chose to not allow affiliate link sharing as part of her publishing the post, so I will respect that and move on. It is of interest to note that using that feature allows for some more direct comms with referrals, which is nice...

I will provide a synopsis of the success and combine it with several others, linking to the ones that have no issue with sharing, and the person can dig out this particular post on their own if they sign up!

Cheers and have a great Sunday!

Dave : )
Linda103 Premium
Hi Dave, it actually hasn't occurred to me to share any posts from here on WA. I only tend to share website my posts.
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Linda...

It can be a powerful tactic, as there are some really good success stories. Numbers in the high thousands of dollars (or even over a million dollars) in income grab people's attention.

I do a combination of referring quality posts that add value from some trusted sites in the IM niche like Adam Payne, Mathew Woodward, etc.

This helps my audiences see that it is not only a sales pitch that they get when spending time on one of my accounts, I truly want to add value...

Thanks for your input, more value too! ; )

Dave : )
Johnpavich Premium
I don't know what's happening with yours but mine seems to be ok Dave 😎👌
DaveSw Premium
Hello, John...

Yes, it seems we will not see this very often. I guess now that I am sharing success posts more often these days, I have found one. Now that I know it is a case of the author not wanting the post to be shared, I will synopsize the content only...

Dave : )
Johnpavich Premium
That's weird why wouldn't somebody want to share their success ? It could be quite motivating 😎👌