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September 08, 2019
What is a good idea for a call to action for a coffee table?
I have been struggling for quite some time in terms of coming up with an idea for a site that I have passion about. I have had it suggested to me that I make a site on motivation as I was almost killed in a severe car accident in 2001 in which I sustained a head injury and I have overcome so much adversity to get where I am today. I am now trying to think of a new website that I could make regarding the topic of motivation and I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas of some free urls
I am thinking very seriously about transferring the hosting of my site to someone a bit cheaper than WA. I haven't written on my site for ages and it is just a waste of money if I am not utilising my membership. I struggle with motivation at the best of times and motivation to write for my site has been very hard, if not impossible to find ever since I started. I think I have been a member for about 4 years and in that time I have written a total of about 12 posts I think. This gives you a litt
Yoast tells me that the slug for this page contains stop words. What does this mean? Why or how does this make a difference and what do I do to remove them?
I am almost up to my yearly membership renewal fee and I have not made a sale yet. I started out strong but after quite a while of no sales, my enthusiasm has started to fade. My site is, in which I have been trying to promote a fish oil that I use to reverse tooth decay. Should I try and think of a new niche or should I just give up? I have no idea what I should do.
I have a review on my page and I have the option of adding one of the two following phrases at the end, in the call to action part:1. I don't mind who you buy it from. Click here to see a page with different merchants to buy it from and if you follow these links, I get a small commission or you can find a merchant yourself. I just want to help people avoid getting fillings as having your natural teeth is so much better, there is just no comparsion!!!!!!.2.Click here to see a page with different
Hi everyone,Robert-A told me about this tool and it helps you create awesome headlines. Headlines need to be good as they are the first words that visitors see when looking at your page.:)Check it out told me that he keeps trying different headlines until he gets one over 100%, but the best that I can get so far is about 75%, well, that is what to aim for.Dave
I have been and Amazon associate for a while and have not made a sale with them. They have sent me an email saying that unless I make a sale, they are going to close my account. Nobody is buying anything through my website and amazon is not happy.Could someone help me please by buying something through amazon on my site so they don't close my account? I think that if you click on an amazon link, you can then buy whatever you want so you if the products on my page don't look like something that
In the training, Kyle tells us that a review for the niche we market is a good idea. It just came to me during the training, when one of the objectives at the end of the lesson was to research 10 new keywords to use in later posts. I thought about that and wondered what I would right about for each keyword as I thought I would need new content for each keyword. It then hit me that for each keyword, even if they are saying the same thing, I am just going to write about it.. This is best explaine
You need to setup google webmaster tools to get google to notice new posts as they are written. Here is a video by Jay showing you how to do it.