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John Brown Premium
You be my buddy and I'll be your buddy.
Peedsbornagain Premium
Hi Dave how are u doin ... I m glad we joined WA now .. its such a great place to be here.. i m havin fun .. and gettin my feet wet here .. divin into WA .. its great .. I am Peeds.. nice to meet ya ..just joined WA as well and thought i d say hi to my fellow newbies... so HI :)
we should go together in this journey called WA... i m sure we ll make mistakes and lots of them .. but there in lies the fun .. to learn and keep goin on and havin fun .. cheers
tepperson Premium
Hi davencsco's,
You can add buddies by going to Wa Spaces and just above veiw my profile and click on Browse Spaces. On the right side of the affillates names you can contact the user or you can add them as your buddy. If you want you can add me as your buddy.
davencsco Premium
I'm recently retired (not by choice) and looking for a way to supplement my income. I have tried this type of internet marketing before without much success. I am looking forward to a better experience