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Well 2020 was different and no matter how bad you thought it was if you are reading this you are still walking the planet and in the game Happy new year everyone and here's to a better 2021
January 15, 2019
Well that wasn't a roaring success!!Still in the process of getting up to speed with the training and it is now time to write my first product review hopefully with an Affiliate Link to Blue Seventy who supply the wet suit I currently use. Their Affiliate page passed me to AvantLink and I completed the subscription process only to get:"Thank you for applying. I show your Application Id as ........ We have decided not to accept your application at this time.The website you applied with, http://o
Hi All,Now that I am coming to the end of the Training Level 2 segments it looks like it's time to write my first blog and her it is...I have actually been a member of WA on and off for quite a few years but really have never got into the revenue earning segment as I have never been able to give it the time that it deserves. During the summer, around the time the above picture was taken (I am on the left) I decided to give it another go, and again although progress has been slow I am cracking o
Just a blog on what I got up to over the weekend. Feel free to take a read if you wish
April 23, 2014
This is my first blog on WA and although I have been a member since 2009 I have only dabbled and not really applied myself. This is because other projects have come along and also finding the time has been an issue, but now the time feels right to apply myself and over the past month or so things have been going well. Firstly the training resources are vastly improved since I last visited them and I am slowly but surely working my way through these. Learning loads, I have my website www.distanc