Wealthy Affiliate - Congrats! 20 Training Cash Credits Have Been Approved

Last Update: May 28, 2021

Wealthy Affiliate - Congrats! 20 Training Cash Credits have been approved

Now I know this is not the first time, the lovely community at Wealthy Affiliate will have seen one of these blogs, but it is posted specifically for those who are newer and those who are coming up to the 3 month mark on this brilliant platform.

3 Months

You see when you get to 3 months, unless rules have changed then you can start writing your own training and get paid for training thats considered of good quality to help others.

It s also why the title of this post is the way it is, because I typed the phrase into Google First and similar variation of this were among the first results up, so that was the title decided.

Hint: In fact that is how I write much of my posts, by typing it into Google First seeing what results come up, then doing a Jaaxy search.

As you may well know now, Wealthy Affiliate is an open source platform, well ranked by google, so every peice of content written on here, will be indexed and ranked by Google, Bing & Yahoo

Its all part of the process of getting traffic and referrals her at Wealthy Affiliate

Any way last night, I was going through my emails briefly before my wife came home from her NHS work and in my inbox I saw that lovely familiar Email. What made it nicer was that it had the number 2 by it, which meant I had two emails of the same.

"Congrats! 20 Training Cash Credits have been approved for the training URLs you submitted."

Now the two trainings I created are found below

Training 1

Training 2

In case you haven't already read or seen them.

Cash Credits Explained

For those who don't know what Cash Credits are. They are daft sa it sounds credits given to you in the form of cash, which you can use for

Buying Domain Names

Site Feedback and Site Comments

Equally, you can also let them accumulate and cash them out so you get paid via paypal direct to your bank

You don't get this facility on any other hosting platform or Affiliate Marketing opportunity, that I know of and I have been around the block a bit, with a fair bit of experience : ) .

Writing training is I have found one of the most rewarding parts of my day, because even though there might be several posts on the same topic, what I have found is that different people find different and sometimes smarter ways of doing things, to make our journeys more efficient.

So if you are approaching the 3 month mark, consider writng some training based on your experience, because that post then becomes a landing page which you can share everywhere.

I plan to make this training a pretty link and share it everywhere.

Thats it for now

Applied Education is The Difference

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Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Dave,

Thank you for your blog post. I hope you're doing well.

It's an interesting post as despite being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 6 1/2 years, there are still things that I don't know about. If you ask me about how to earn credits, I would have to go and do some research!

Once again, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate has much more to offer and we could ever imagine!

I've also taken a look at your training Dave, thank you.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

davehayes Premium
Thanks for commenting Roy and you too
Roybretton Premium Plus
Always a pleasure to comment and to read your blog post, Dave!
Dhind1 Premium
davehayes Premium
Thanks for commenting
RAFStuart Premium
As one who has been in Training nearly all my life, did not give this a thought, but I was rejected very early on as I had not been a member for long enough.

Love the idea of checking your blog headlines.


davehayes Premium
It helps Stuart and I have been sharing this blog post via my profile here as this training shows Its a great time saver

Thanks for commenting
Only1Hugh Premium
Nice one Dave. Not in only completing the training but leveraging it with your current and future followers.
davehayes Premium
Training completed ages ago Hugh. This post is for when you write training to share with others. Thanks for commenting
Only1Hugh Premium
Ah gotcha.
davehayes Premium
Makes a difference as well
ratlhaganen Premium
Great work, Dave.