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Last Update: July 06, 2020

Now I was deliberating over whether to sahre this blog post, bu in the end I decided to because its my niche and there are lot of new members joining this platform, plus a few others who ar 3 or more months into their journey here and maybe not seeing the results they wanted

So this blog is for them and of course anyone else who is looking to earn money online

Because on Friday, I earned $507 in commissions

At this point I want to explain a couple of things, which I attempt to do on my Community Blog

I have followed the Online Course to build my own blog out and The Live Webinars

Both course are good

What I have then done, is looked to add my own affiliate ventures into the blog, in line with both those two courses

I only work, with 3 products

A List Builder

An Autoresponder and

a TrafficProduct

I steer away from Mainstream Autoresponder products such as AWeber, Get Response and Mailchimp, which I have documented previously I have nothing against, its jyst for me they don't have any of the benefits I want

So how did this latest commission come about

I shall explain. List building is my niche, but I like to List Build in a different way to others

So I use a Viral List Builder absolutely anyone can use this, there are no qualifications or experience needed to use it

Viral List Builders, help you build your list on steroids for want of a better worrd or term

Because Every 5th Lead, I get a pass up and I get a sale

This happens to everyone using it

Now this is what happened to me on Friday. I had two passup and two passup sales

The two sales were for $200 each

I then had a sale of a traffic product, in fact I had two traffic product sales one was for $27 the other was for $80

so add them together and they come to


The traffic products by the way, contain a ton of content and are excellent sources for getting the right type of traffic to your blog . The places to avoid like the plague and contain some useful tips on using Social Media

For Example, I have removed my blog totally from one traffic source, as I discovered I was damaging my blog using it. I was using, have tweaked it slightly and my bounce rate is very low

Now this posy is not written not to boast or to bragg and as in all my other community blogs, I am not including any links as that is agains the rules here, but to show what happens, when you build your blog in line with the Online Course and The Webinars here

The other major benefit to this way of list building is that everyone who joins it or works this way, starts from the same place

Ground Zero

Irrespective of where you are in your online career, or how much you currentl have earned or if you are a 5, 6 or a 7 figure earner, everyone starts in the same place

The system works beautifully and is being documented on my own blog, which is on my profile here a WA and my YouTube Channel.

The one downside to this is that the because the system works virally and very fast, its time consuming trying to keep up with it


If you are not yet seeing the type of results you want, keep at it, follow the Online Course, and perhaps think about tweaking your niche slightly, if you are not getting the results you want

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Applied Education is The Difference

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KathyAnne Premium Plus
Hi Dave, thanks for such an inspiring post:) I haven't heard of Viral list builder but will check it out. Well done on your commission:) I also believe in education and follow training webinars and classes whenever I can. It really does make such a difference, even if you only learn one new thing!
davehayes Premium
Thanks Kathy glad it helped
zmonika9813 Premium
Thank you for your inspiration!
davehayes Premium
Thanks for commenting
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Congratulations, Dave! Well done!
davehayes Premium
Thanks Diane
Aparna155 Premium
U are my ideal Dave :)
davehayes Premium
Thanks Aparna
Raghunathan Premium
Great news Dave. Greatly appreciate this post.
davehayes Premium
Thanks for commenting