The Best Drill

Last Update: November 23, 2021

I was reminded yesterday of a sad phrase that many well intentioned people use.

I’m saving the best until last.

For me it’s an utterly pointless and stupid attitude to have. What if you never get to last.

Me, I’m an avid fan of cookery programs and how often do you see contestants knocked out for a mediocre effort only to turn round and say that they should have cooked their best dish but that they were saving it until the final. But guess what! They ain’t going to the final now, they’re history.

Or the football manager who saves his best players for the next game, but they get knocked out of the competition before they get to that next game. What a waste of best players, sat on the bench.

My Dad springs to mind. As an electrician and house-basher I needed a top of the range drill that could live up to expectations, that could be used and abused all day, every day, and still give good service. One that would drill holes in concrete like a hot knife through butter.

My Father, seeing what drill I had got, bought one himself (around £200 at the time). So the next time I did some work at his house I went to grab this very excellent drill from his workshop.

Anyone would think that Vesuvius had erupted.

That’s my best drill, I’m saving that for best

Dad, it’s a drill. What’s the difference between a best hole and an ordinary hole.

Nope, you will have to use one of the old drills. OK. Anything for a peaceful life. So I used his £9.99, twelve year old, supermarket special. Many, many, minutes later I had drilled the first of 4 holes. Oh, if only I’d gone to his house in my work van, full of tools, and not in the car, this job would have been finished by now. So, onto hole number two.

And do you know, Dad hung around just to make sure that I didn’t try and use the BEST drill.

And when he died a few years later. His best drill had never been used and we ended up giving it away, still in its protective wrapping paper, still with the power cable carefully twisted together with a cable tie.

What am I trying to say … simply that we must play with the best tools that we have, every day.

You want to be an entrepreneur, then get on with it, but do your best today, and tomorrow.

So what if you have to run an “ordinary” job alongside your web activities, it might be tough, it might be physically challenging, just do what you can.

But always write your best article today, not just any old rubbish, you need to attract viewers to your website. Without viewers you have nothing.

Take the best photos that you can and illustrate your articles.

Don’t ever think that half an effort today is ok because you don’t have many subscribers. Every time you work on your site you need best effort. That’s what attracts people, that’s what brings them back.

Make every article, every video, every item the best that you can on the day. Don’t save the best until last, use the best that you have now, next time and every time.

Don’t give up because you are only putting half an effort into your business. At least give it the max with what you have before you quit, you owe that to yourself, surely. You never know when you are going to turn the corner into the sunlight, and you never will without doing your best.

One of my favourite sayings is shown at the top … and this is written in several of my work books and diaries, a constant reminder. Here it is again.

Start where you areUse what you haveDo what you can

You know what you need to do my friends.

Let’s crack on and do it.


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MelWaller Premium Plus
The comments could go on forever Bux. Just reading them floods my mind with memories and ideas. Not to mention the other posts by others that were inspired by this post, Bux.

It's like the ripple effect. Drop a pebble in the clear water and ripples go in endless directions one after the other.

I learned flooring installation from my father and eventually had his tools to use after he retired.

Sometimes we would have to turn and tack carpet where carpet met another flooring. He had always talked about getting a Carpet stapler, but never did.

Well time is money and I had an apt building to do and there would be lots of turning and tacking so I invested in a Carpet Stapler and talk about fast and efficient. Sometimes we just don't know what kind of improvement will be brought about by doing things differently.

Thanks again Bux as this post continues to have its ripple effect!

Suzay Premium Plus
That was a great uplifting story too Mel.
Thanks, Zay
MelWaller Premium Plus
You are most welcome Zay!

davebux Premium Plus
That's a great story Mel.
I'm a sparky and we had a long run of many cable to do, about 200 metres. Rather than keep moving the ladders, I bought 3 more step ladders and placed them where they were best for us.
What would have been an all day job took just 2 hours.
Investment in tools pays off, you are right.
MelWaller Premium Plus
Excellent Bux! One thing that was very helpful from my father was at the beginning of every job he had a cup of coffee and really thought through the whole process and what would be the best way to approach the job. I skipped on the coffee, but I did think carefully about each job. Rushing into something, you can find yourself in trouble before you know it, whereas that could have been avoided. Great thinking on your part Bux.

Suzay Premium Plus
That was good. I liked this quote from above,
"Make every article, every video, every item the best that you can on the day. Don’t save the best until last, use the best that you have now, next time, and every time."
True many contestants "in life" do a HO HUM EFFORT and disqualify themselves from the better life they could have done, had they got all wet, and gone all in!

I see it here in WA when someone is on the project of building a youtube channel. and doing at it is to them just
another HO HUM, "I Hate Home Work A**ignment!"

Yup well that Dead energy certainly comes across in your videos, buddy.
Did you somehow think your lack of preparation, "it's just an assignment attitude" will carry you as an adult IN Life?

Nope, truth be told, did your yukky do the bare minimum help with your younger education?
Well, if you don't change that Baditude, you will only crank out more Baditude! And wonder why you don't progress?

I'm with Mr. Dave Bux on this one!
Raise the bar and start with your Best to begin with, and the Next Shot must be taken with an even better mindset, planning,
pre paration, and execution.
Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
I even like that you saved time and just took a picture of your fave saying.
Double Thanks, Dave, and thanks to Mel for sending me over here!

davebux Premium Plus
Wow Suzay. I'm guessing you're in favour of doing your best.
I agree with your comments about some doing just enough, I saw it many times in apprentices but once the penny dropped and they realised that with little effort they could go from mediocre to pretty good was a pleasure to see.
A great response Suzay, thanks.
So good I read it twice.
Bridges Premium
Very well said, Dave. I am not a professional at anything really. Sort of a "jack of all trades", but when it comes to tools I buy the best because time saved using them is the most precious commodity. You gave an example with the 4 holes drilled.
And speaking of the best first; at my age I like to eat dessert first. 😁
davebux Premium Plus
I like that Archie, start with desert first.
Definitely worth investing in the best.
MelWaller Premium Plus
Great idea, Archie! I always tell them to bring my Mango Smoothies right away. No need to wait for the meal to come to start drinking. :-)

Suzay Premium Plus
Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the day before is a Dessert Day, because you can fully enjoy it when it;s not fighting Turkey and the side dishes. Good eating to us all! Dessert Day!
tdbabineaux Premium Plus
I learned long ago that buying cheaply made tools was never a bargain. They'd quickly break or have some other problem that rendered the tool useless.

So you'd always want to purchase the best tool for the money you could afford.

As for saving the best for last, we'll, that's rubbish.

I've made wooden clocks. Some of the tools you need are a bit specialized. You need things like forstner and brad point drill bits. These do give you nice clean holes without jagged or split edges.

You need that if you are making clocks. Not only does this make your clock more aesthetically pleasing, but helps make sure your clock runs well.

As for saving the best for last, nope, not me. If I get a new tool, I want to use it right away to learn how it works and how it can help me improve whatever I'm doing.

Websites are tools. In our case, a tool to help us make money. They work the same as does, let's say, a forstner bit that makes a nice clean flat bottomed hole.
You want to do, as you say, the best you can do right now. It makes no sense to save the best for last. What are you learning in the meantime?

Why would you not want to be the best you can be right now so you can immediately learn to be better?

Well, that's my take on things.

davebux Premium Plus
Spot on Terry, I agree totally.
And your comment about websites being a tool are exactly right.
Stay on track my friend, we'll get there.
CherryRed20 Premium
I love that quote, Dave.

It's very good to have that important reminder on your sleeve.

davebux Premium Plus
Happy to help Myra
Keep safe