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Hey All!
Well this is my first day here,I'm a little over whelmed not to bad though kinda easing my way into things alot to learn,all of this is really awesome though,I've been going through a rough time job loss,moving around here and there and so on,just pretty fed up with it all and then I found WA! there is so much information on here it's absolutely phenomenal,I've tryed so many other different things online and ended up in the end wasting my money and time and very frustrated and mad,but anyway I'm glad I'm here and hopefully becoming a great affiliate marketer! and make some good friends along the way too would really be great!
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Old Mizer Premium
Welcome to the community Dave! You have found the right place to learn affiliate marketing. The community in the forum is priceless with many friends to be made. Good to see you join us.
Dave4464 Premium
Thank you for the welcome!
famousplumber Premium
Hi Dave....I hope you will accept my "Buddy" invitation.
WA really is a phenomenal place and I wish you the best.
Dave4464 Premium
Would be more than happy to accept your request!and Thanks!
bodovan Premium
Hi Dave!
Welcome on board!!!
Glad to see more and more buddies here...:)
If you need help in any way - let me know... Hopefully I'll be able to assist you with something...
You also are welcome to share any useful information if you want...
Talk to you soon...
Take care,
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
Dave4464 Premium
Thank You!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family