Why I’m Cleaning My Teeth Left-Handed

Last Update: November 11, 2021

Hey WA friends!

Long time no see! Actually I do still visit WA frequently but usually only to access my websites these days. I hope you are all keeping well and I thought I would just share a quick productivity tip with you that I picked up at a recent workshop.

How To Fire Up Your Brain

How often have you sat down to start doing something to build your business and felt like your mind has gone blank and you have a lack of ideas or motivation to move forward?

This often happens when your brain activity is low due to a lack of challenge or stimulation.

I saw an amazing demonstration where a scan was shown of a person’s brain activity before and then after they had done something which required creative thinking. In a nutshell the creative activity causes the person’s brain to absolutely light up and become significantly more active.

We can use this knowledge to improve our personal productivity. In fact, all you have to do before starting to work is to spend 5-10 minutes doing something creative to crank up your brain activity.

One simple way to do this is to try to develop your ambidexterity. In other words, pick a task which you normally do with your dominant hand and try to perform it with your other hand.

A good example would be to just grab a pen and start trying to write a few sentences with your other hand. This requires focus and concentration and is a great boost to your brain activity.

You can also build this practice into your every day activities. Do simple tasks with your less dominant hand. Open doors, use the TV remote, swap your knife and fork around when eating, or, like me, brush your teeth with your other hand.

One of the amazing benefits of this is that the more you practice doing things with your less dominant hand, the better you become at them with your dominant hand.

You see practicing ambidexterity not only fires up your brain activity, it also makes your brain stronger and more resilient.

Practice it, and see for yourself!

Have fun


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RosanaHart Premium Plus
Once when my husband and I were both using the same computer for a while, he taught himself to use the mouse with his left hand... he is right-handed and I am a leftie. He has kept that habit up, even though we have each had our own computers for years now. It's sure handy when he pops down to read something I have put for him to see! And maybe he IS smarter too!
Dave07 Premium
Hi Rosanna
Ive just tried using my mouse left handed and it's definitely a good challenge. Definitely need to concentrate on clicking the correct button 😀
etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Dave,

That sounds very interesting! I’m left-handed (or a left-ie), so doing things with my right hand can surely be challenging.

But after reading about what you learned, I’m going to give my right hand a try with these activities. I sure could use some creativity here and now.

Thank you for sharing. It’s great to hear from you as always :)

All the best,

Dave07 Premium
Hi Eric

Good to see you.
Yeah it’ll be right handed challenges for you and hopefully you will find the challenge fires up the creative neurones!

Good luck
CordeliaN Premium
I've been waiting for you Mr Bond....
I will give it a go, trying to eat Porridge with left hand, I am still here 20 mins later ha ha....

Really good to hear from you, how is yours and Heidi’s venture?
Hope you are doing ok 👍🤞
Dave07 Premium
Morning Cordelia.
Sorry about the delay in your breakfast (sounds like an announcement aboard Easyjet!).
By next week you should be down to 10 mins 😂
1Rudy1 Premium
Interesting fsct, Dave. Two of my sisters are left handed, and as a kid, I would copy them, like eating left handed, writing left handed, etc. I can throw a ball left handed , too.

I had no idea that by doing so would have such an effect.

Thanks for sharing, Dave!

Dave07 Premium
Hi Rudy

I didn’t realise that training your less dominant hand had such a positive effect on the other one either until last week.

Amazing how our brains work

Siobhan3 Premium
This is great and I am going to give it a try!
Dave07 Premium
Hi Siobhan
It's amazing how quickly your skills develop!