Happy International Friendship Day (And Why It Could Give You Some Writing Ideas)

Last Update: July 30, 2021

Happy International Friendship Day Everyone!

Did you even know that today was International friendship day? Me neither until an hour ago when I came across a site that a well-known marketer mentioned in a webinar I attended yesterday.

The site is called National Day Calendar and can be found at https://nationaldaycalendar.com/

You can go to any month of the year and find out what international and national days are being celebrated that day. Here's a snippet from the current period of international days:

So as you can see today is not only international day of friendship, it is also international day against trafficking in persons.

There is also a calendar of national days. I'm guessing these are American national days but who cares if it gives you some inspiration for something topical to write about. Here's a snippet from the current national days at time of writing:

Yesterday was a good day for the foodies with National Lasagna day, National Chicken Wing day and National Chili Dog day.

Thankfully today is national cheesecake day so I'm definitely going to celebrate that.

Telling stories is a great way to get your readers engaged and getting inspiration from a topical national or international day could definitely lead to an engaging story in your writing - particularly if you are regularly emailing a list of customers.

Hope you get some ideas and inspiration from this.

Don't forget to spoil your dog tomorrow!


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Happy International Friendship Day, Dave.

It's sort of neat getting people to connect on special days.

For example, tomorrow is National Avocado Day and I didn't know we had one in the first place.

I am enjoying this post because it brings back memories about how avocado sales helped me go premium with Wealthy Affiliate three years ago. Take a look below: Since avocado is still one of my best sellers at market, I will share National Avocado Day with the other farmers and we will celebrate.

Nothing big, just a small gathering with delicious food, mouth watering local drinks, and avocado slices.

Here on St. Croix, do we need an excuse to have fun?


We just do! Guess that's part of the island's charm.

Keishalina, if you're reading with Dave today, the foodies(Johnny cakes, fried snapper, chicken wings, pate', and roti) are really a belly full, not virtual.


This is quick way to promote this special day, have fun, and make money at the same time at my farm.

All avocado slices and dips will be complementary. Every thing else costs from $1 to $10 dollars. Very economical!

Everyone is invited to market with me at Nature's Table to celebrate National Avocado Day.

Thanks for the motivation, Dave!😊

See you there.

Dave07 Premium
Hi Maxine

Thanks for this wonderful and motivational comment. Firstly - I loved St Croix when I visited on my honeymoon 10 years ago. It's a truly beautiful island!

I hope you have a very happy National Avocado day tomorrow too!

Best wishes
You're most welcome,Dave.

2011 was a marvelous year! Where did you stay on the island?

Happy National Avocado Day to you as well!!🥑🥑🥑🥑

JeannineC Premium
I've actually incorporated weird National Days into some of my posts, and people seem to love it. I do believe the key is to do it sparingly, not more than once a month, or else it loses the uniqueness element.

I'll spoil my dogs tomorrow, for sure, but can't celebrate Mutt day. Our youngest Husky just became an AKC Champion! So proud!
Dave07 Premium
Hi Jeannine

Very true - everything in moderation. Hopefully every so often one of these days will coincide with something we want to talk about in our business to create a nice topical piece of content.

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Thanks for letting us know
Newme202 Premium
Happy International Friendship Day to you as well ;)
Dave07 Premium
Thanks Simone. Have a good one!
Newme202 Premium
Same to you :)