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Been at this on and off for about 3 years now. My totally affiliate sale in my career = $3900 estimated. Back at this for 2010, I do not ever think I will quit until I am successful at this business. It is the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.

Right now I am attending college at Houston Community College for Radiography. It is a two year program that awards an associate degree. After that I will become certified by the AART then I one day dream of becoming a radiation therapist. I will only have to go to school for 1 more year to become certified in that field.

But enough of that, I am focused on my affiliate marketing career at the moment. It sure would help with college if I could finally get this thing off the ground. By off the ground I mean $100 a day consistently.

Matter of fact right now I have an even smaller goal.

$482.00 a month for my truck note.

The Sky Is Still The Limit.....I Think

Ill Let You Know When I Get Their
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Sherion Premium
Hi there and Welcome to WA!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
daskyisthalimit Premium
I will keep at it, I will never stop because I feel that me, someone coming from where I grew up and was raised to stumble upon Affiliate Marketing as a way out. Even though my head is already on straight compared to others around me. For me to even have found this is a sign that I can really do this and that it was fit for me to do.
bizsmart Premium
just keep at it, you will find a way to succeed. Checkout the blog by dec944 5/17, maybe he can help you...newcomer mark.
zerobde Premium
Hey daskyisthalimit, what's going on? I see you've been here a while. How are things working for you?
daskyisthalimit Premium
i average about 3 sales a week nowhere near what i should be at this point. the money i make sure does make a difference though. my thing is that i get easily distracted.

i dont need to read anymore guides or tutorials i know everything that i need to do already. the only thing stopping me from doing this full time is my stupid job and myself not continusly taking action