Your Money Your Life

Last Update: January 10, 2021

So here's the long story short:

I had a problem with my website which is now 2 years old and it wasn't ranking well and making any progress at all.

I started digging and asking for opinions and even had Kyle check out my website.

The big problem was thin content. I had attached images with no redirect URLs. They ended up indexed as a page and quite many have been indexed while my posts where these attachments were didn't get indexed at all!

I'm already clearing thin content, removing its index, and I have updated my All in One SEO settings so I'll see how the website progresses from there.

But what I have also learned about is the YMYL which stands for Your Money Your Life.

Your Money Your Life - Important for All Bootcamp Members

I understand that it's a measure from search engines like Google that they take seriously in order to rank quality content that comes from high authority in niches such as finances, jobs, making money, and others.

This is something everyone who is following the bootcamp training should keep in mind. It makes it a lot harder to rank in make-money-online niche but it's not impossible - it'll just take longer and require a lot better online presence and higher authority of your website.

This is what I've learned about YMYL so far.

There's also EAT which stand for Expertise - Authority - Trustrworthiness.

"Above all, make sure you’re qualified to offer the advice given in your content and don’t engage in deceptive tactics. The biggest victims in recent core algorithm updates have been YMYL websites offering advice on topics like health, finance and other serious topics without any demonstrable proof of their expertise.

Google needs to see this expertise in formats it can recognise (links, citations, etc.) so build your online profile around this and go back to your existing content to optimise with E-A-T and YMYL in mind."

It's not only quality content that's important, but it is the authority from the person who wrote the content, resources used, and the facts presented. So that's something to keep in mind as it's the right time to start building out brand presence for your website and increase that authority rating up!

Did you hear about YMYL before? Do you think that it's a lot harder to succeed in a make-money-online niche than any other niche?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
No, I had never heard of this before, Dario! Thanks for your insightful post!

Kingschido Premium
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's quite a good information to have.
Only1Hugh Premium
Hi Dano
To develop Authority status from starting as a Newbie in the YMYL niches could take some time given the EAT algo focus. How would you suggest you gain authority? Would writing a significant number of quality blogs be sufficient?
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
This is such good information to know.
I've heard about EAT but not YMYL. I bookmark the drum link so I can refer to it.
Thank you.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
I agree Dario, Google are putting a big emphasis on EAT and have a huge global team created just for this purpose alone. I believe 10,000 people at the last count I saw.