(Bad News) Gary is Missing You All

Last Update: August 09, 2020

Hello WAers,

I don't like to be the bearer of the bad news - but one of our members has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and he's not able to log into WA anymore.

The member I'm talking about is Gary (GNolen1 - username).

I finally got the chance to get in touch with him yesterday after a couple of weeks of falling out of touch. In the meantime, Gary has been diagnosed with lung cancer and has been on chemotherapy every day for the last 2 or 3 weeks so far.

Gary said that he'd love it if I could reach out for him as he had many friends within the WA community.

If you didn't get the chance to meet Gary - I must tell you that he's one of the most positive and most dedicated members in here. After his work accident, he did not only recover, but he also looked for other ways and even how to start an online business, ending up here.

I helped him a lot with the website and the training and it was my pleasure working with him.

Gary is staying very positive and still has his "work hard and push through" mentality which is good!

I'm sure he'd love to hear some good words from you guys, especially his friends who are still members of the Wealthy Affiliate community. So feel free to write anything you'd like to let him know and I'll show it to him.

Feel free to read one of his latest posts: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/gnolen1/blog/moving-on-up-tr...

On the other hand, I'm also thinking of setting up a GoFundMe page for Gary. There's many of us and if we can all come together and donate $5 (two cups of coffee) - I'm sure that it would add up and we could help Gary, at least financially.

I'm not sure of his financial situation - but I can imagine the treatment being expensive. Also, I'd like to invite Kyle and Carson to join the funding if they can in any way.

Does anyone have experience starting a GoFundMe page? I've just tried but I can't get past logging in - so I'll try again later and share the link in here once I set it up.

I hope that I am not breaking any rules here.

Thank you everyone!

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Eugene Premium Plus
Prayers for him
Debbi26 Premium
Oh no. That's so sad. Miracles still happen all the time though. I've donated to the GoFundMe but have never created a page. I'd donate if you got it up and running. It's very nice of you to help and you're deeds will be repaid.

Karin13 Premium
My thoughts go out to Gary. I started a GoFundMe for my sister, but that was a while back and I can't remember how I did it.

Thank you for sharing about Gary.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Gary keep fighting and rive on through this latest challenge, my friend!

JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Hi Gary,
Hang in there!
Stay positive and you'll get through this!

Best wishes for a successful recovery!👍👍