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Today is my official 2 week anniversary joining Wealthy Affiliate. I'm having so much fun! I'm finding that working on my websites and doing the training is a great hobby as a Professional Mother. It's easy to put the computer down when I need to, as it is already respected as a no-no among my kids.My progress? I've just finished Course 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp ( and I'm on Course 4, Lesson 8 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training (findingblissinthechaos.
October 11, 2015
Friday marked my husband's last day of work with his previous employer. Tomorrow he starts his new job, which is closer to home with better hours and much better pay! We celebrated by having a date-day on Saturday, leaving the boys with our sitter. We spent Sunday doing some yard work, and I began the Affiliate Bootcamp Training!I got all the way to Course 1, Lesson 6, and have the framework of my new Affiliate site up and running, with a bit of content published. I'm having so much fun! It fee
October 11, 2015
Yesterday I wrote an article on my Home Organizing website that also applies to blogging. In it I outline 5 tips on how to organize with kids (aka: keeping them distracted so you can work in peace). I wanted to share it here to help others who are having trouble balancing blogging and parenting. I hope you enjoy it!
October 08, 2015
I feel like I've come so far i just a week. I'm probably going slower than others, since I have several young children who need me during the day. Two are in school full time, but the other three are always with me! I love being a mom, and am trying to find my balance with working on WA while caring for them.I've just completed Course 2 of the Get Started training. So far I have 4 posts on my website, and have spent a lot of time tweaking the layout. I designed my own header image, and created