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July 08, 2019
After a quiet week with sales on ClickBank, I logged in to see more than $400 worth of commissions today.This was from several products.But the bulk of it came from a high ticket product that I'd done a 'neutral' review of and included an affiliate link to the webinar.So the lesson here I guess is to include affiliate links even if you're not promoting the product (but I'd draw the line at pure scams).---This is in constrast to the weeks prior where sales came in small but regular bursts:The th
UPDATE #1:Traffic has now spiked to 7,500 visits in one day:UPDATE #2:Traffic has now spiked to just over 9,000 visitors in a single day:With 65 people active per minute on my site at one point:UPDATE #3:Oragnic clicks from Google have surged to almost 15,000 clicks in a day. With a further 900 clicks from social media taking me past 15,500 visits to my site for a single day:Back in April...I wrote a post that explained how I increased my web traffic from 50 to 900 visits over a 2 month period
I don't really blog much here at WA because most of my time is spent working on my site.However...I thought it might be useful to share the three significant steps that've led up to me securing $754.60 in affiliate commissions in a single day...Since I fully appreciate how it feels to have been working on your site for a few months without a penny to show for it... and really wondering if it's worth the effort.Here's what I did.1: I Completed the OEC Training in FullI've actually gone through t
Are you new to Wealthy Affiliate?Then you may well be wondering when the traffic 'floodgates' are going to open to your website.Well...On the 16th of Feb 2019, my 8-month old domain was getting a rather disappointing 50'ish organic clicks from Google per day.And then...On the 23rd April 2019, I got 906 organic clicks from Google in a single day.With traffic now settling in the 500 - 700 clicks per day range.Not bad for a 10-month old website in the 'highly competitive' 'make money online' niche