i am leaving

Last Update: May 11, 2018

Yep, I took the decision in leaving this amazing community, in the past weeks, I learnt how great it is to be part on an amazing community that its all about caring each other with the purpose of helping, reaching out our goals. I have big plans for my future and this was a great start. The reason why Im leaving this amazing place is because I just signed in to a masterclass about social media marketing, the best part, I will have a coach that will guide me and push me to get things done in what will be my future career. This is not a goodbye but a see you soon or, if you ar a fan of The 100 "may we meet again".

If you wanna follow me in my new journey, feel free to add me in my personal Social media:

Facebook: Danna Contreras

Instagram: Dannalicioush

Youtube: Dannalicious

All this is new for me and you will see me going through this process since the beginning. I do hope this will be "that course" that will ignite my future.

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RichK9 Premium
You'll be back...
Dannalicious Premium
lol. Ill be back!!! :)
IsaacSc Premium
There are various paths to success and affiliate marketing & social media are just 2 of them. Wish you all the best in your future endeavor!
Dannalicious Premium
Thanks IsaacSc. agree! social media will be the one i will give a try!.
Bald Eagle Premium
Good luck with your decision.
I see you have only been here for under a month and already moving on?
Hope to see you back here one day and read about your amazing success.
Dannalicious Premium
Lol agree!!!! Thats has been me in the last months! But now I will settle for a year and focus on what I need to learn!