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February 04, 2016
So 5 months with WA, and 3 months on my current site (things went a bit sour with the first one so had to start from scratch again,) things are moving along nicely, I’m not really ranking yet and zero sales but I’m just trying to build content at the moment. But I’m enjoying the process and am happy I’m heading in the right direction, I couldn’t do it without the community support here at WA and for that I’m eternally grateful. Many thanks to you all.Dan
November 29, 2015
Thank you WA for providing the first black Friday deal that's ever interested me, 12 months membership practically half price.Onwards and upwards.Dan
October 25, 2015
I'm a little bit compulsive about somethings so since I signed up with WA I've been logging the amount of hours I've been working on my site, 76 hours in just over 6 weeks if anyone's interested. Quite a bit of time in anyone's book. So to receive a message from the creator of the product my site has been designed to promote telling me they're taking their product of clickbank and are no longer interested in an affiliate partnership is pulling the rug from under my feet to put it mildly.However
October 13, 2015
It seems difficult to believe but it been 6 weeks since I signed up and while I'll admit it's been a lot of work but I now have my first site up and running (, as yet no financial rewards but I know that's because I need more to put in more work to get better search engine rankings.I'm very happy with what I've done. I've learnt so much, each day things become a little bit easier and the road ahead becomes a little clearer.3 months from now I hope to be tak
September 03, 2015
Just gone premium and ready to get started. A little nervous about the road ahead but very determined to do what it takes.