Is wealthy affiliate worth it?

Last Update: May 21, 2014

Honestly, this was the question I asked myself when I first came across the WA community.

I had been actively looking for a way to begin making serious money online. A number of different issues have made it almost mandatory that I move my primary sources of income to internet based activities.

Anyway, I thought I had narrowed down my options to the "best three": Empower Network, Pure Leverage, and- heck I don't even remember what the third one was.

Something spoke to me, to do yet another round f research before making my final commitments. And then the name Wealthy Affiliate popped up on a review. I was blown away by how candid the reviewer was, and how connected I felt to her through her words.

You mean I could test drive the main system for zero, zilch, nada? Then there must be some major confidence in this product. And for damn good reason, there is!

Since Joining Wealthy Affiliate, my level of understanding of the working of certain aspects of the world wide web has grown tremendously.

I now have a website dedicated to something I'm majorly passionate about: Helping people making money and then giving me some.

Is Wealth Affiliate Worth it? Heck YES! I love the support, I love the team spirit.. Man I can't wait to be in vegas!

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bcgurr Premium
Loving the enthusiasm Dan! Good luck to you!
DanMaxwellJr Premium
Thanks Brandon