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February 11, 2016
Hello, WA community! I am officially completing 1 month tomorrow as a Premium Member at WA. On my 1 week anniversary I proposed some challenges, and here is my follow up on them:Move my domain to a .com address (I have had some technical issues with this, which I intend to have sorted out by the end of Week 2) - Done! My official address is http://gettingtoknowbrazilinpictures.comOnce I have the .com address, join at least 2 affiliate programs that make sense within my niche - I have, in fact,
Hi, everyone! Just wanted to share a success story from my website. I have been trying since the beginning to come up with an idea to monetize my pictures. My blog is not only about the pictures per se, but involves everything related to Brazil, its culture and tips to traveling here. Finally, on a related post within WA, I found out about Fotorama. They install a widget on your website which allows for the commercialization of your photographs. That is exactly what I had been looking for! I'll
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January 22, 2016
I am taking this from a long reply I gave on a specific topic ( I will adapt to this context to try and be more generic, even though I will keep the same references for ease of writing. For more info please check the original topic and contribute either in there or in here!Let's consider the website . I think it is beautifully laid-out, very in
Hi, everyone! Today I am completing a full week as a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliates. And what a crazy week it has been! This, so far, have been my accomplishments as an online entrepeneur:I have succesfully setup my blog/website @ http://brazilinpics.siterubix.comI have completed Levels 1 and 2 on the Certification CoursesI have produced a fair amount of content and layout and structure to my site (5 blog posts, 3 pages)I have put on paper several monetizing ideas, which will be implement
January 12, 2016
Hey, all! Just wanted to announce I am now also a premium member. I am still digesting all of the content available, but I look forward to obtaining as much knowledge as possible and making my website work and bring not only personal satisfaction but some money as well.