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Last Update: January 22, 2016

I am taking this from a long reply I gave on a specific topic ( I will adapt to this context to try and be more generic, even though I will keep the same references for ease of writing. For more info please check the original topic and contribute either in there or in here!

Let's consider the website . I think it is beautifully laid-out, very informative and beautiful, but the information is crammed in a single space (probably to make use of the number of words in the article/post). Even though this helps with rankings, you miss out on the opportunity to have inter-site linking (when you link from within your site, one page or blog post to another) and it dilutes information in such a way that it makes it hard for people to focus. My personal opinion is that if you break the information down to people and feed them one thing at a time it makes it easier for them to follow a single recommendation and increases your chances of them buying something. For instance.. If I do a product review for a camera lens (my niche is photography/travel), I might make a citation and link to other lenses in my post, but I would not review all of them on the same page. These would be used as a means to justify what I am trying to tell the customer, but not as an opportunity to sell all of the products at once to them. At the end of the article, you might mention other reviews, especially for products that are direct competitors of the one you are marketing (obviously, if not your own). In the same lens example, if I am reviewing a 50mm lens, it would be natural to review other brands, or approximate focal lengths.

In your specific niche, when you mention "Tools for specific techniques". Now, please bear in mind I am not familiar with painting, so forgive me if my jargon is off. I think you have a world of options when it comes to different techniques. I would make a blog post about technique (a particular one), linked to product reviews which in place link to particular tools one can purchase (linked to affiliates of yours). The more believable and trustworthy your review is, the greater the odds someone will buy stuff based on your review. You can review paints, brushes, canvas, books, university programs... I'm sure you can think of other things. Anything that you buy related to your niche, somebody else buys. Think about yourself as a customer and how you would like to be sold to, what are your pain points and what are the things you value. You are bringing them the benefit of the trouble you already had to decide on which supplies to buy, and providing them a valuable good - time - so that their decision is easier.

Finally.. You are an artist yourself. Why not sell your art on your website? What greatest gallery in the world can there be than the internet? All you have to do is take good pictures of your work and offer them online. I am not sure how easy or feasible it is to ship art, but I'm sure it can be done and you can find a way. I will eventually implement in my website the possibility for people to buy my pictures. I haven't reached a conclusion on how to do this yet (whether by providing a direct access to a framing company, by selling the files, or a mix of both), but in the meanwhile I am working on the content and bringing an emotional value to each one of my pictures. If you would like to check my website, please feel free to visit

I hope this helps you and sheds some light in ways you can monetize your site. Also, don't forget to watch Levels 2 and 3 of the Certification Course. These will be essential for you to get fresh ideas and work on your content. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2 Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! (Level 3)

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