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People get stupid!! This is one thing that remains unchecked since the wild west! I stay away from it all - and for good reason!Last month my brother-in-law died. He tripped and fell head-first onto a car. It broke his neck. This caused brain death.My niece went to Massachusetts where this occurred. He did not survive. This was unfortunately an accident. It had nothing to do with alcohol.Last week my niece returned home here in Florida. She and her husband were very happy to re-unite af
As it stands, I am still planning to do one more year at Wealthy Affiliate however, as with any other year, at the time of renewing my subscription, it doesn't come easy.This year, I had already saved back the money needed to do this seamlessly, but once again, something came along to foil the plans.My Trip to Kissimmee, Florida to see my sister and niece ended on a very sour note - something I would not know about until Friday, nearly at the closing time of my banking institution.I got a call
December 21, 2018
Since I first came here to Wealthy Affiliate, my motto has been to stay in and not give up. However as I get older, things in my life have been changing as well. I have also learnt more about myself than I have previously known or admitted.One of these has to do with my writing and where it has gotten me to date.There are a number of people on here who see my writing as "fantastic." Albeit I have not been able to make any new sales in the last three or more years. I put out some content dur
Disregard the cover image. I didn't feel like trying to find something for the occasion.I got this today...First one I've ever seen on WA - what appears to be a Nigerian-style letter. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten this. A little disturbing to me is the request to contact this person outside of the Platform.Daniel
Maybe it's just me and I got a bad rap from a trial membership of a popular company online. I'm sure this happens to others who have experienced sudden banishment from their accounts, which is what happened to me on the grounds that their algorithm detected suspcious activity from me from having played an audio book more than twice.This concerned It happened several years ago, which came up in the argument for having had my comment disapproved. There is no way to contact the aut
I will be featuring this topic in my campaigns. However, these things are worth mentioning here as it might help you with your business being that it can save production time in several ways.I think one of the worst anomalies about Google is the free standard accounts that so many patronize. One thing must be taken note about these accounts is that these are consumer-grade accounts.In my most recent blog post on here, I brought up the eventual demise of Google Plus. G+ is not going away comp
I've been to techhound's blog about what you see in the above image. This is an article he points to. There is more in the article which is addressed by the byword shown beneath. What's next? How long will the Google that we know continue to exist before more of its products become paid services?It won't surprise me that other things that we use on Google will come to an end as Google becomes more and more proprietary.In this case, its a security leak and the conclusion of a study done whic
September 18, 2018
I have finally reached the point of being able to work on my campaign this month. Everything came to a stop again due to home renovations I was called for to assist. The demolition of a shower and a linen closet, and rebuilding the shower calls for a new shower bed, concrete board and tiling, including a new linen area incorporated into a set of shelving built-in with tiles and stone, all meant one thing - it would be all I did each of those days from sheer exhaustion since mixing mud, etc is a
Last week I reached the 40,000 words I set for that goal and tomorrow, I will complete the 40 article goal I set for the month of August.It's Not Easy Getting Caught Up!I now have the minimum writing goals for Lessons 2, 3 and 4 in the WA Super Affiliate Challenge. However, that's the writing only, not the rest of the items in the lessons. To get back up to par means doubling my efforts, and through August, I tripled my efforts. I made the unofficial goal of making sure I had two articles out
Great Start!This is a quick mid-month report on my attempt to get caught back up to where I should be with the WA Super Affiliate Challenge. I delved into my goal of 40 articles in a month with 40,000 words.I was doing very well during the first week of this month. I had more than 12 articles up and published. Some of them have ranked on the search engines, but none of them are showing up on the serps yet.Probably a very good reason!Uh Oh! I Made a BIG Mess!Something that has slipped by me