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This blog is about some of the difficulty I have with public relations and it concerns a very important aspect of business, therefore, even though I've used some analogies that may seem off-topic, consider the context of what I am attempting to express here.Even if I were able to clean up all the distractions and unfinished business to make way for a much more focused endeavour to personal success and the betterment of others' lives, would I be able to effectively run my business?It's not that
Well, as many of us probably know at this point, the WA Ranking system was on the blink and is now restored to its former state.Many of you got to be Ambassador for the day and others just plain disappeared. Not that they disappeared but shared their spaces with others.All in a day's work!Growth is healthy but sometimes growing pains do occur.Some may cuss and others may simply roll with the flow. Yet others wonder what happened and others know that it's simply what healthy businesses, like a
A very short one.It didn't look right as I peered at my computer screen this morning with bleary eyes. Kyle & Carson off the map, finding myself one step away from Ambassador at 26. and a whole line of people in front and behind pushed up about 27 spaces, and then a whole bunch below a certain point pushed down that many.Yeah, sometimes I feel just like that when I don't go to bed until 4 am, like today when I had to get up regardless to get to a dental app't.I'm sure the ranking will be s
The Right WayWhen we receive Likes and Follows, as well as Friends on Facebook, we normally receive them from others who actually like what we've contributed, and it results in follows and being "friended" on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.There is nothing wrong, that I can see, with requesting such at the bottom of an article, especially if the request is presented as a condition, "IF you like this, please LIKE," and so forth.It's done all the time. I've done it in the past, and that is fine
I have been trying to find a book, Reviving the Ancient Faith: Churches of Christ in America. However, I do not like paperback books and have been looking for several days.Long story short - the book is not available in hardcover. So, that's that - it's paperback or none.I landed on a page on the Barnes & Noble site, looking for the book. The normal price is $36, more or less. This page said $24. However, all other pages were saying the former price. I called just now and the person o
1. Wash chicken in cool water2. Season and spice to taste3. Put into preheated oven at 325 degrees4. Go on FacebookSuch was my brother's attempt to surprise his girlfriend for dinner today! Time flies when you are having fun on the computer!
December 31, 2015
I'm not much of an adherent to the yearly dropping of the ball on Times Square, nor pay much attention to the banging and popping of the fireworks going off outside everywhere, but one of the neighbours from the rear came out in front of my apartment with their two lads, his wife and their two-month old baby in her stroller.I didn't want to go out and mess with their privacy being with their family, but half way through it, I decided to go for a short walk and say Hello to them en passing. I'v
December 19, 2015
Thursday evening I took my laundry to the apartment complex' on-board laundria. During the time I was washing the clothes, I had things to get rid of because there is not enough room or storage space in my apartment for it, and I don't use any of it. I went back to my apartment for the unwanted articles and laid them out on the table in the laundria. I picked up an opened windowed envelope (the kind that come with utility bills, etc.) On the back side of it I wrote a note, "If you can use it,
December 01, 2015
I usually exhibit this on here around Christmas Time. It's December, so CLOSE ENOUGH! :)My brother died in 2000. This film was made in 1974 on a Super 8 camera. It's pretty crude and primitive, but it's funny. His old English teacher had this film for some time and sent our family a digitized copy of it. About two or three years ago, my sister gave me a copy of it and I added the sound effects and the Intro/Outro to it.Entitled, "No Trespassing!" I took this silent footage and put some life
The online version isn't bad, however the stuff that goes in stores on the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING (USA) is beyond deplorable and should be outlawed! added a great contribution to this thread and I'm going to include it right here. It gives a striking contrast to Black Friday as experienced in the UK.