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November 19, 2016
You ever had a service that you needed and have to deal with the only company in your area that provides it?Now that sucks!Why does it have to be like trying to pull teeth to pay the service the monthly subscription? They're the only ones servicing this area and they know it! It's not that customers want them, they NEED them! They know that too!I happen to be living in an area where Bright House Networks (ISP) is the only one that services residential customers. Their customer service is th
I realize that this is probably going to make me very unpopular with some, but I'm not here for a popularity contest, and use WA remaining pretty much in the background - but I have this to say. I hope you, who are reading this post, will see this with an open mind and not that I'm some sort of grumpy baa-humbug person out to rain on others' parades.You know, I realize that we have some good Ambassadors on here and that some of them deserve the popularity and moral support that they get. Furt
October 01, 2016
From all of the work I've lost on any of my computers, Windows Updates has to take the cake!Once again, Wednesday evening, it was very late. I was working on some research and had my documentation compiled a long way. I was very tired and it was extremely late, in fact, the wee hours of Thursday morning. I forgot to save my work. This wasn't the only thing I had going. I capture my nighttime dreaming by writing them in the morning when I get up. This was yet another thing I do - get the a
One Night, I Awoke to This[...] I could hear her through the door, "Ye know, you gotta use cold love on ' know whaddi mean? Ye gotta knock him off his high horse and bring 'im outa da clouds...we all gotta do it...that's reality...what makes that guy so high-and-mighty? He aint makin' any money with it! When I was a young'un I dinnit sit around on my laurals...I couldn't do that to my mama! I got out, whatever the weather and hunned me a JOB!...Ummm...hummmm! I been out th
All systems go! Wealthy Affiliate was born on this day, the official launch date of the then, keyword list site.By this time however, the Old Forum had been successfully set up, this occurring on the 7th of September, 2005. Activity, though not very much, predates the official launch with Carson showing up on this early date, followed very soon by a member known as "LittleDevil."Here's the very beginnings of the Old Forum. I wish I had more of this but only have the very earliest and some of
It Takes Up Space and Are Needless DistractionVery recently, I took the pains of digitizing my VHS tapes, so I could get rid of them and the VCRs I had. This is just one project that took serious time, to do away with, but it all pays off in the end!Facebook is one of the things I did away from in my quest to remove the massive amounts of distraction that have been plaguing my business since I began here. Facebook is just a drop in the bucket however...I found two years ago that it was necess
I waited until the first of my domains on NameCheap came up for renewal. Well, two of them were ready for this, expiring next week, so I took the plunge in transferring them to Wealthy Affiliate. I found this experience very easy and straight way!The first awesome thing I discovered is that WA has a shopping cart in which you put your prospective domains, allowing one to get them all set up to go and then starting the process on all of them at once!I decided to put five of my domains in the s
July 24, 2016
It might be just me, but I think not.I have a pet-peeve - and that's going onto a website to get needed information, begin reading and suddenly having a wall thrust up between my eyes and the article I'm trying to read!Yesterday I accidentally scratched a brand new veneered floor we just laid and this cannot be fixed without removing the flooring back to the damage and replacing it!I am trying desperately to find another way to fix this. The home-owner who chose to use such a cheap fake-wood f
I have gotten some responses inquiring why I feel I need to cease writing on WA and project my efforts in writing elsewhere. I have written this blog to provide an answer as to why I feel the need to cease writing on this platform and for several reasons have chosen thus. The above, taken from the Dippers Dipt, is what my writing looks like to too many people on here and I understand and have taken action.Recently I discovered that many of my replies have been deleted by a number of members on
April 17, 2016
It's been a roller-coaster ride here at WA for me. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to be active on here but it always backfires. I'm sure there's many things that come to play here.I am who I am and am at the level I'm at, trying to grow, trying to be a better person. Only the most mature and discerning people see me for who I really am and see the value I can offer in a "pay-it-forward" environment like this. These people are indeed on here and they become my friends and I befrie