Pushing at This as Hard as I Can!

Last Update: August 18, 2018

Great Start!

This is a quick mid-month report on my attempt to get caught back up to where I should be with the WA Super Affiliate Challenge. I delved into my goal of 40 articles in a month with 40,000 words.

I was doing very well during the first week of this month. I had more than 12 articles up and published. Some of them have ranked on the search engines, but none of them are showing up on the serps yet.

Probably a very good reason!

Uh Oh! I Made a BIG Mess!

Something that has slipped by me all these years - keyword cannibalization. It is something I never heard of and I've probably committed this error a number of times and could be why my campaigns have never done very well - or one of the reasons.

I made an awful mess with that, using the same targeted keyword on more than one article. I also had forgitten that I had written an article about a specific topic and in my dismay, found I had written the same article three times! Though the content was different in each, the titles in two of them were almost exactly the same, and the third colse enough where it was probably causing trouble. The keywords in two of them were exactly the same (back to keyword cannibalization again! The third one had a a conjuction (a stop word) different. In the search engine's eyes, there were three more here!

I wrote one in March, one in June and one at the end of July when I started my present goal of 40 articles with 40,000 words.

I lost about four days to this, and other things that happened over the last week.

Another No-No!

I also opened my email and found a rather interesting WA blog title on ther. I won't say what it was and won't discuss it, but this turned out to be quite controversial, and I voiced my concerns about it.

I don't have a whole lot of friends on here like I used to and most people do not know me for a hole in wall. I also see things quite different than most people do and am easily misunderstood.

Without going into that much further, I nearly got myself in a lot of trouble. I saw it coming and took down my contributions to that blog. As was said, it was WWIII over there.

The blog is no longer there. Whew!

I lost another day on that!, trying to defend myself, and so forth. Never again! I took the steps I needed to take to rectify that situation.

My hands and my laptop keyboard are getting very tired. I'm losing feeling and strength in my left hand. It's becoming very difficult to type with it.

The keyboard has begun double-typing characters and not typing some at all. I have to keep going back and fixing typographical errors and this is slowing me down.

Dag-Nabbit, I'm Still Going!

It's been two weeks now and I've caught up one lesson's bunch of articles in spite of the mess. I would have had nearly double by now if things didn't go bad on me.

I'm finding that going back to my ailing desktop computer does two things for me,

  • Taking the strain off my left hand and not trying to type on a higher surface like I was.
  • I have far less trouble typing on a regular keyboard than on a laptop.

This is where I will be doing my work going forward, as long as the hard drive holds out!

I did some new keyword research and put out eight more outlines. I'm building one out now and discovered I need to break this one down into two articles, else I will have 3000 words in it before it's done. So I will be doing that.

I don't even want to say which level I'm on with the Challenge, I'm too embarrassed, but I am gnawing my way through it and hope to be out of it in the next couple days and into the next sector. I already have the wordcount and articles met for it. Some of them don't have images in them yet.

I have always had problems finding images. I don't like slapping just anything into my articles. I know there's perfectionism but there's also a point when people will see poor workmanship and move on.

First Time for Some Things Here

I have never been inside SiteComments. I did four of thise, all with flying colours. I need to do 26 more. The only thing I knew about it was that some members are complaining about bad comments and writing about this. I think that kind of steered me away from it.

This is a long haul, a marathon and some pretty hard work. The analytics for my website is terrible and in spite of the recent work, is still nose-diving. I've seen the worst ever when it comes to session lengths and bounce rates of over 90% I don't even want to look at the stats.

I realize I can't go at this blindly, but I have hopes of turning this whole thing around by working through the lessons and fixing what needs to be fixed. Right now, I'm trying to get the aticles done and pull aside occasionally to work on the suffering areas.

...Two Days Later...

I forgot I started this blog. I found it under another window with Chrome. Well, Since I wrote the above, I managed to write and publish eight more articles. I put out three posts, one of those per day and five pages that go with the Serial I'm working on. That's almost complete

I have not yet put any images into this blog yet so I'm going to do that right now.

I am closing the gap of behindness once again and moving forward at a good clip. Many of these new articles don't have their images yet but when I get a little further caught up to where I need to be in my goal (LOL! Word count is already merely 1,000 words away. I will get that in my first article when I get up at daylignt) I will get those images in.

I'm just a little over half way with the actual published articles. I will start putting in comment-writing sessions each day and getting menu and internal linking hooked up. Soon I will begin to request articles for the first few I began writing this month and continue to move forward with that. Some things are going t lag in the lessons but I will eventually get it all caught up providing nothing gets in the way.

My hands hurt, my shoulders hurt from holding up my arms and it gets tiring but that's what happens when you get behind. I'm moving along without skimping on quality.

That's it for now...


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smokeywins Premium
Awesome work! I applaud you for not giving up no matter what life chose to throw at you. With time your persistence will truly pay off.
Because I know it's me that's the reason it hasn't worked. I've seen a massive number of people come in here over the 8.5 years I've been here go from not knowing what they are doing to $10,000 per month incomes.

I know that Wealthy Affiliate has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, the owners, and all members' incomes combined.

This works.
J-KWest Premium
Wow, what a month and what a journey! Not that you would need my advice, but just a friendly reminder about burning out and to be careful with your health.

My first year at WA I gained about 40 lbs (I didn't realize it was that much until I was well into my second year) along with some serious back, shoulder, and neck issues.

I was pushing for 2 articles a day for awhile but hit a wall back in July and now trudging along with a few a week. I'm still at the keyboard, just not able to focus and write as well, or as fast as I was when I was pushing... And have always struggled to keep up with my WA tasks for the Super Affiliate group.

Anyway... loved your post and your honesty. Building an online business is not so pretty :-) Just wanted to bring up the burn out and health issues because those can be more damaging in the long run...

Thanks again for sharing,
There's no question about it. This has been an extremely tough week. With nothing else going on, I am taking advantage of the time to get back where I need to be.

If you look at the graph above, the fourth valley (the one with five days) was the 9th through 13th.

The first three days was fixing the SEO errors I made, trying to recover from that without losing too much of what I had already written. Unfortunately I lost four articles to that error that I couldn't find keywords for. I was able to combine some of it into other articles already written.

The last two days, on the 12th, I got involved with a blog post on here that I should not have and got into some trouble with that. The stress and having to defend myself, and then back and forth with some of the other members involved, took me away. It was over a controversial issue and going there was a HUGE mistake.

I am thankful I had a high-standing member come to my aid and provided emotional relief for me. I took that member whose blog post I went into, off my Buddy List. The person goes into drama sometimes though most blog posts are okay. I forgo the good ones to keep stuff like this from occurring again! I will not share any details about the blog nor the member.

It's these five days and three or four nonproductive days I'm trying to reclaim. The thrust from this is an attempt to get as much caught back up doing articles on the things I know very well without research.

One of my problems is that I have not yet been able to keep my articles down around 1,000 words. Three of my articles are over 2,000 words long, one is over 4,000. They're on average, about 1,900 words. It stands to reason why my the words written goal is already almost met.

This effort is a thrust. It's not a marathon, though you might see it that way. This is not for ever. It's just until I'm comfortable enough to spread the rest out over the next two weeks.

I probably won't get four articles today but I'm going to still try for it. If I get three, I'm still ahead one.

Hopefully by the middle of next week, about Wednesday, I will be at the quota of two articles per day, one a page and one a post.

Thanks for your feedback :)
J-KWest Premium
Similar to your blog story about getting involved, I removed Facebook from my phone a couple months ago and started deleting 11 years of comments, likes, posts, etc. for the same reason. I just couldn't keep my opinion to myself lol... and one night it just got out of hand.

Not only did it ruin my night (which was supposed to be family movie night), but it drained my energy and bothered me for a couple days. I ended up writing a long post about it for my site and reworked it a little into a productivity article.

I've been much happier since getting away from Facebook. I only use it now for blogging and seo groups I belong to.

I used to have a real problem with word count as well. Most of my early blog posts and reviews were 4000 - 6000 words. I've even written some 15,000 plus articles. But none of those older posts rank and no one will ever read them so I look back on them as learning lessons and practice :-)

I also hope that in some way they add depth to my site that gives me a little boost in overall SEO.

Most posts I write now are usually in the 1200 to 1500 range, unless it's a cornerstone piece in which I use as many words as necessary.
That's the range I push for and is what comes most naturally to me. One of the things that lifted my writing graphs above occurred because I made those errors and combined some of the articles to save the thoughts.

This on top of the ranges you mentioned did this. Plus I often do go over this range.

The article I'm working on right now looks like it's going to top off at about 1300. Not too bad. I'm now writing the final segment to the Series I created. It has 11 segments and is all about Wealthy Affiliate, and in its entirety, contains about 27,000 words in it.

So far the articles seem to be coming a little easier today than they did the last two days. I had this written in about an hour and a half.

I removed most of my blog posts right here on WA because they simply were off topic. I left the ones that discuss business and my progress on here. I got accused of writing on here just to rank and that much of what I was writing was rubbish. So I took them down.

As for Facebook, same as you. I wound up in a Facebook war with my family. I took deleted the account. However, today I have a new account and am very selective where I go in it. I have not yet used it for marketing purposes. I simply do not have that kind of following. I have less than ten followers.

Drama can really pull you down! During my earlier years, I was living in extremely substandard conditions, had serious income problems and nothing going right. I brought all that baggage on here and very quickly lost my popularity because it was all drama. Now I keep all that to myself. This is one of the reasons I took down so many blogs I had on here - and I mean nearly 500 of them! Things have since, greatly improved by the way.

I have mine own motto for Facebook,

"Facebook - Wasting People's Time since 2004!"
J-KWest Premium
I used to do some marketing on Facebook but found my time was better spent writing content. The only way I found to drive traffic on fb was by paying for it... but it wasn't converting very well and I couldn't justify the cost.
Freedomseekr Premium
Congrats on the progress you've made so far in the WA Super Affiliate Challenge! Way to keep on going with your writing! We all have our setbacks along the way, at least I know I do, lol.

I know I always have trouble myself when it comes to choosing images too, I'd spend forever trying decide which to use on what post or have trouble finding one that fit right. In the past, I'd often forget to go back and add the images for a long time as well, lol.

So, awhile back ago, I decided to change how I do things a bit and get the image choosing out of the way after writing out the outline for a post...I'll go over and pick out however many I think I'd need, two or three at least, and get them all set to go by doing the cropping, resizing, alt tags, and using the tiny PNG optimizer to shrink them down in file size.

This way they'd all be the size I needed to work well for that site's featured images, instead of showing up as random sizes to work with on there. Anyways, doing this seems to be working for me, I no longer forget to go back and add the images since they're already chosen and set up in a folder on my PC for that site.

I don't know, but this seems to make things go much faster for myself to get the images or at least a few of them ready after getting an idea of what I'd need after writing an outline...probably doesn't make any sense as to why, though, lol!

Btw, I'm sure you probably know about Pixabay's royalty free images, but just thought I'd mention it in case...I usually find them to have quite a variety of images to use, plus they're free!

When you mention about your analytics for your site, that seems rather familiar, mine I thought had been tanking badly for awhile even though I'd been writing quite a bit on it at the time...I was looking at the http version in Google Analytics instead of the https one, LOL!

Plus, for some reason, the date to look at on GA was always stuck to a prior date, not the most recent months I wanted...so, maybe that's what's happening with yours as well, especially if it's an older site.

Anyways, it's great to hear your progress on the Challenge here, and I'm sure you'll achieve your goals one way or another! Just keep at it, one day at a time.

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Hey there Sherry :)

Well, it's already noon! Not started on articles yet, but yes, I've tried Pixabay several times. I've rarely found anything on there but occasionally I do. I find myself trying to find the images elsewhere. and that's where it doesn't come easy trying to determine if it's alright to use this one, that one.

I keep track of which titles I have not yet done images for. Right now, I'm just getting images into the posts because those show up on the front page, but pages, most of those don't have the images yet. I figure that when I get caught back up to par here, I will go back and do one at a time - get comments, put in images, do the SEO and social media for them.

I have to go back over putting in alternate text and descriptions I'm not sure I'm doing this right and may wind up having to go back and fix this stuff.

Right now, I'm staying away from the analytics. I will work on that when I get to where I can take the time on it. Right now is crucial to get the bare-bones stuff done.

Writing-wise, I've nearly caught up two full Challenge lessons is just over two weeks! It's not all articles though. Before I can proceed from one to the next to the next, I have to do what I can to complete one at a time. I've got a few more items left to do on the 2nd (March) installment and have the legwork mostly done on the third (April's)

This all happened when, in March, I lost my desktop computer and very shortly after that, my laptop! I got the laptop fixed first and then, after doing a lot of work trying to fix the desktop computer, found a virus on it that was slowing things down so much, it was not usable.

Time to get after articles! I've got to change the office chair. One has arms and I need that now but will only be able to sit in it for one article as it's too narrow and causes pain sitting in it. I took pain killer so by the time I finish the first one, I will be ready to get the other chair back. After Article two I will go to the laptop and work there with a keyboard attached and lower.

Freedomseekr Premium
Yeah, wish I knew of somewhere better for finding images, Daniel...I suppose it depends what niche you need them for, I haven't really worked on my WA site for some time now, but on my other niches I find the images from Pixabay to be just fine.

Anyways, I haven't used a laptop in ages, but when I did, I had a hard time typing on it...everything is so crammed together on that keyboard! Glad to hear you have a keyboard that attaches to it...much better than typing on the laptop one.

Now, I don't mean to be sounding like a mother hen, but take care of yourself Daniel...take a break now and then to rest your back and eyes. I find I get way too caught up in what I'm doing a lot of the time, much like yourself by the sounds of it...so, over time it gets to lead to burn out and exhaustion if you over do it for too long.

I've learned the hard way it doesn't usually pay to work at things exhausted...I end up making mistakes and spending a much longer time at something than I should have, but yeah, that's still something I need to remind myself as well, LOL.

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
MarionBlack Premium
It sounds like you need to take an occasional break, Daniel.

I'm using a "real" keyboard and mouse with my laptop computer. There's no way I could type a lot using a built-in laptop keyboard.

Like I said, take a short break every now and then, and you'll find you're much more productive.
I know. I think I have taken the life out of the keyboard on the laptop. This computer is not very old but they're apparently not made for high usage. I lose productivity on it because I have to keep going back and fixing double strikes and no strikes at all. I have a lot of trouble hitting the right shift for some reason and have to keep going back to capitalize missed letters. Also, it seems the desk the laptop is on is too high.

I am overweight and have nerve problems. Resting my arms on the desktop is putting pressure on my elbows and is effecting what is called the Ulnar Nerve. This is what's causing my ring and little fingers on both hands to have gotten numb and loss of strength. Sometimes the nerve gets inflamed and dull pain.

I went back to my desktop and after typing here for a couple days, notice that my hands have improved. Unfortunately this affords no support at all for my arms and both of my shoulders got very painful at the joints. I had to take pain medicine and was forced to lay down and rest for over an hour before that kicked in and I was able to go back at it.

The desk the laptop is on does have a pull-out drawer with the front that flips down. I dug up an old usb keyboard for it. I will be doing what you've said.

Yes, I do get up and away from the computer periodically. I realize sitting for very long periods of time is not good. When I complete an article (more or less) I get up and take short walks or do other things that need to be done.

When I get back on track per my goal, I will slow down. It will be great to get back down to two articles per day. When I get caught back up with the Challenge, that's one article every other day more or less! I have some articles that are not published and nearly complete but I can't publish too many of those now that I'm running out of pages to write and most of these are posts, which I don't like to publish more than one of those per day.

Thanks for replying Marion :)
MarionBlack Premium
I have a similar problem with my ring fingers and little fingers. In my case, it's Raynaud's phenomenon. My fingers go white then blue and then red when the circulation is coming back. I wear fingerless gloves and they help by keeping my hands warm.

Consult your medical practitioner (if you haven't already).