One Article Away from My Goal with 6 Days to Spare!

Last Update: August 26, 2018

Last week I reached the 40,000 words I set for that goal and tomorrow, I will complete the 40 article goal I set for the month of August.

It's Not Easy Getting Caught Up!

I now have the minimum writing goals for Lessons 2, 3 and 4 in the WA Super Affiliate Challenge. However, that's the writing only, not the rest of the items in the lessons. To get back up to par means doubling my efforts, and through August, I tripled my efforts. I made the unofficial goal of making sure I had two articles out every day, at least putting me in the ball park for this month's efforts in getting caught up. This would have been 60 articles but it's time to stop with this and switch gears. Having the inflated goal helped me make the SiteComments goals I set for myself.

I will write the last article tomorrow. Then the other work starts...

My Plans for the Rest of August...

Many of the articles do not have images. Those need to be put in. The articles need editing. I need to do the SEO and SM on every one of them. This will require some work in SiteComments - something I have not worked with at all except over this last week. For the amount of comments I need, it's going to be a huge challenge for me to make sure every single one of my comments are right!

Once a set of 12 articles at a time have the above work done to them, I will register for comments for them via SiteComments. I will be working on sets of 12 and hope to get the first set done by the end of the month! I will be concentrating on one lesson at a time to check them off.

Unfortunately Live Chat and helping aout will have to remain unchecked. As it stands now, I'm not making any new referrals but hopefully that will start changing as I begin to do the rest of the work needed to these articles.

There's a lot of work to do yet but having these articles there now helps tremendously.

All of these articles are set to noindex/nofollow until they are set up properly. I will uncheck those for each article as I go through them.

Next month I'm going to have a smaller writing goal to allow me to get more of the work done in the lessons themselves.

This is where I'm at thus far...


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3tripleA Premium
Totally awesome. Keep up the great work
Thank you sir :)
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Daniel, well done you will be feeling good about achieving your goals, looks like you are back at the coalface and working your plan. Best wishes for the months ahead.
Thanks Alex - Will do.
VictorF22 Premium
186 posts so far.. 40 in August as a goal is just amazing!
Keep it up!
One day, I want to reach that number of posts :)
The research is the thing that's doing me in more than anything else. It's going to be a slower month for me in September. Having 186 posts is not bad at all. I don't know that I have too many more than that, if I even have that many.

I just took a quick look - I have just about that in both pages and posts myself. By this time, I should have many, many more but the last three years, not a single article and two years before that, just a very few.

The WA Challenge course is what got me going again.
bigrog44 Premium
That's great, Daniel!!!
It's needed! Great to be off the article writing for a few days whilst I do the other work needed.
Jay Gumbs Premium
Well done on achieving your publishing goals. You're doing great and I'm glad to see you moving forward like this.

On another note you're being a perfectionist by noindexing/nofollowing your published articles. If you're not sure how that's a bad thing, check out Kyle's recent article about being a perfectionist.
Here's what I'm going to do.

I re-read Kyle's blog. If I were to just get the images into them and correct the spelling, no editing other than this, unchecking the settings as I go, will this take me out of the league of perfectionism? I wrote it the way I did to get it there.

Where do you draw the line?

Else, the SEO (title & description) and comments need to be done. I will purchase some of my credits to get this done quicker. I realize this other stuff can be done anytime.
Jay Gumbs Premium
Ok maybe I misunderstood a bit. You just did the writing to get that out of the way and you still have to add images and stuff.

Well I guess you have your method so maybe it's not so much perfectionism but rather your own 'crazy' method to get things done. If that works then that's great.

I just thought maybe you could have had those articles indexed and working for you all this while.
No doubt it's crazy. Sometimes I eat my potatoes first, and then my vegetables and then my meat. People usually eat a little of everything throughout the meal. Not me.

Once I get this bunch out of the way, I will be doing them normally going forward. But that's right... I focused on all text to keep on the roll with that.

I did put a little thought into how I was going to go about the strategy and then did it.

By the way, I did AZ Code, even though that's old news now. I told you I got the product and was able to get inside it. They didn't even use any kind of security (no SSL, etc) and trying to find other pages on that website, I typed "site:" and there is the product right there in the results! There's actually three pdf files. I wonder how many people paid $234 for that rubbish! That search brought up the first one. Using the web page shown in that result, I did another site: search and found the other two.

The $197 upsell is a 23-page long pdf file with basic information in it that you can find for free on the Internet! The total products are three pdf files about exporting goods from China and reselling it on Amazon.

I didn't want you to think I actually wasted that much money on something like that. No way!
Jay Gumbs Premium
Oh. I usually do that search and find lots of stuff but it's funny I didn't think to do it for this one. Nice. I knew that was garbage from the way it was promoted anyway.
The promotion is where I start first. I wouldn't have bothered with the product either but it was right there and goes to show that the promotion is valid enough of an argument that the product itself is a junk. Being right there, it provides supporting material for my guides on not getting stung by stuff like this.

Either those people who put this product out were too stupid to secure it or didn't think it was necessary since they bank on an audience that is ignorant about marketing on the Internet and don't know about search commands like <site:> are going to be the only ones who go for it.

AZ Formula is secured and getting into that product wasn't possible that I could see.

I appreciate your feedback. It always is thought provoking and helpful.