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Something I am trying to learn, and will continue to discipline myself in is being consistent. I think it may come more naturally to some people. I struggle with that, as I imagine you might as well. Think for a moment about when you get excited about something. It's simple, at least if you have my personality, to go absolutely crazy. Taking a good thing (that should be done consistently), going ballistic over it and then getting tired out with it. I have seen this with many of my downline memb
October 17, 2014
One of the things I have learned in my years of internet marketing is the necessity of community in the internet business context. I have been working from home full time as an internet marketer since June 19th, 2012. I saw a video of a guy who seemed to have my dream life, and I hated my job. HATED it, because it took me away from my 2 toddler boys and my wife 6 days a week. I would daydream about a different type of life. It seemed to consume my every thought. I knew this was not normal, so w