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April 03, 2015
I look up Wealthy affiliate on Google and there is my smiling face. Wealthy Affiliate is a Canadian company is ranked 6th, but it's my google plus and it's someone else's video that is being played. Just my luck. I just put my Mark on it. http ://…ot-a-scam-2015 and my custom google plus URL I just checked my is on the the first page of Google in two positions I also added a new video to my website on
Jaaxy Keyword tool helped me rank on the first page of YouTube. What is Wealthy Affiliate? A Review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am convinced that keywords work on youtube. just spend a few minutes on Jaaxy or the free keyword tool and you will find it a big help in ranking your video's. Please check it out my video is not fancey but it shows how any one can make a video on a laptop and then get ranked on Youtube.
March 22, 2015
Hello, All. I recieved a notification for a grammar and sentence structure lesson today. Im sure it will be awsome if i had more time in my day i would have alook at it. For people that dont have a lot of extra time on there hands there is an app for that in the google chrome store. The program is called Gramarly. Grammarly will correct spelling and most sentence structure.I have installed grammarly on my computer and i love it. I highly recommed grammarly for peopl who have a limited grasp of
Published on March 15th, 2015 | by Alan Cross 0The First .com Domain Was Registered 30 Years Ago Today Great trivia question: who owned the very first .com domain? It went to a computer manufacturer named Symbolics, Inc. If you can connect to now, you’ll find (allegedly) a site maintained by a Dallas investment group who feel they need to keep it alive as a matter of historical record. From CNN: The first .com domain name — — was registered March 15, 1985. Only
March 12, 2015
I managed to install Google analitics on my site tonight and pasted all the codes in to my text pages. I hope it will help with ranking now. I know if you search my pages its in the top 5 lets hope i start getting some conversions soon. I would like to say that i can retire from my job before i get to old to play a little on the beaches and winding back roads of north america and the rest of the world. Dan [The Sandman] Labbe
February 28, 2015
I went to band practice tonight from 630 to 10pm. We had a good time. Although I played well I'm still making dumb little mistakes and missing strokes on some of my drum fills. 4 more jams until we play at Brock University for the LGBT convention on March 13 2015. That should be fun but I'm not looking forward to the 21/2 hour drive to get there. My band is called. Darker Still you can find it on Facebook . We have a Cd out called. Never to late. Have a good weekend.
February 28, 2015
I have two new members in now. One from work under another sponsor(my bad) and another from Facebook from in invite to my page and web site. Happy happy