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Last Update: October 22, 2014

Many websites are still showing the default wordpress in progress logo on the browser tabs. After using a plugin to have mine displayed, I ran into trouble after installing another plugin. Seems they conflicted each other causing my website to really mess up.

As suspected, I uploaded my backup, and I was someone up and going again. My Favicon still wasn't displaying.

I found a very easy way that worked on my theme to place a png format square logo as a favicon.

Within header.php - under the < head > section, place the following favicon script right below your < title >

< link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="http://successful-lifestyle-secrets.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Successful-Lifestyle-Secrets-Logo200x2002.png" >

(Remove space before link and after pnp")

Looks Like this in my Theme Editor

Without any plugin's, my favicon is displayed and uninterrupted by any plugins or settings so far. Keep working hard everyone, the work pays off as long as you persist, and develop your goals.

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CarlaIves Premium
Thanks for sharing, Damien!!!
Damien-P Premium
All is welcome as usual Carla. See ya around!
mundy22 Premium
Thanks for the info Danien good work!!
Daleen Premium
Lady May Premium
Did You put it in the Child? Because any updates will remove it.
Damien-P Premium
This I never.. As it stands, it will be the only thing lost when updating..

I was struggling to have it work from my child theme, probably because I was impatient. Reading some articles where they say it could take time to change.

However, I do agree that it's much better to have your child theme fully setup.

Thanks for mentioning this!
SowAndReap Premium
Thanks D :)
Damien-P Premium

Even online I amount to being called D..
Must be a common thing for names starting with D...

Oh yeah, your welcome!