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Im a newbie to this marketing business and hope I made a wise decision.On the surface seemed like the best program available.Hope to meet a bunch
of you who have been involved in this for awhile and hear your stories..Thanks
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famousplumber Premium

I was wrong about where to find the resource I suggested you read. It's called "Crucial steps a newbie must not skip". Also, it's link is actually on the "Home" page.
famousplumber Premium
I would enjoy hearing from you anytime and swappin' story! You made a great decision signing up for WA.
There are lots of resources here, everything from lessons to articles and tutorials written by members to forums and more. I'd suggest you go to the "WA Spaces" page and click on a resource called "10 things a Newbie shouldn't skip" (or something close to that!). It's written by a member and explains in detail the importance of doing ALL the steps. If you do all of them it helps to get you in the habit of taking action, which is what the whole deal is about.

Holla if I can help in any way.

Larry (famousplumber)
p.s. Dang, I hate the word "Newbie"! How 'bout "Freshman"!?
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
damac58 Premium
Hey Khairul,,hows it going for you?Are you a recent member?? Trying to understand how everything works here.
Khairul Anwar Premium
hey man...welcome to WA!