Ideas For 732 Visits To One Page Per Day But No Sales!

Last Update: January 31, 2019

No Sales On a page with 732 hits per day!

Thats right one of my pages on a niche website had 732 hits so really I should be really happy right?

I am but it never generated any sales or click throughs to other pages,

The Page

The page in question is just a page I posted with a watertank puzzle created by Albert Einstein as seen below from a screenshot.

The page has sort of become a landing page and I would would really like to utilize it more but I'm not sure how.

Further down the page I have included Amazon links to Einstein puzzle books.

This page is the most visited page on this website.

The Niche is Minecraft and the Idea behind the website is to provide parents with a guide to the game and reviews for toys and merchandise.

This page was posted to create engagement which it is doing!


I would be really grateful if anyone has any ideas how I can drive visitors onto other pages from this page?

Below the puzzle I have put my Amazon Links, I know looking at I can add a little bit more content but I would be grateful for some pointers!

Thanks in advance!

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J-KWest Premium Featured Comment
I've struggled with conversions as well, to the point I quit putting affiliate links in my posts and spent a year just building my traffic up and studying copywriting.

Once I reached my traffic goal I started focusing on conversions, so I was in a similar situation. Going back over high traffic pages and figuring out how to convert traffic into sales.

The most important thing is not your page, it's figuring out what your visitors are thinking when they land on your page. Everything hinges on that.

In other words, there is a reason they are not buying, but the answer is not on your page. It's in your reader's heads.

This is something I learned the hard way.

Let me demonstrate...

If you are getting traffic but no sales, a high converting page is what you want. A page with an undeniable "call to action" that drives people to click on your links all day long is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a step by step guide to creating call to actions that people can't resist and you can get it by [CLICKING HERE].

Okay... there is no actual link there and no step by step guide... but what if there was?

If 732 people who had the same problem of not being able to convert their traffic had read those two paragraphs leading up to [CLICK HERE], do you think some of them would click to get the step by step guide?

And all it would take is black and white text, no images, a single link and only a few paragraphs to convert... so it's not the page that matters.

What matters is that I understood your problem and I was providing a solution. I was offering you what you want.

I did something else here, I used empathy at the beginning by sharing my own story (which is 100% true) to connect on a personal level.

If you give people exactly what they want, and they know you understand them, they will click your links all day. If the link doesn't work they'll search your site to find one that works.

If you offer them something they don't want, they won't click anything. It doesn't matter what color the button is or what animation you use on your pop up.

So... if I had to guess why your landing page is not selling Einstein puzzle books... it's because your readers do not want them. And there's nothing you can do to make them want it.

I've banged my head against the wall for years trying to do that, it doesn't work. (Not puzzle books, lol)

The only thing you can do is find an audience who wants those books, or figure out what the audience you already have wants... and give them that.

For example... to learn how to convert like crazy, search for Gary Halbert who is widely regarded as one of the worlds best copywriters.

You can also search 'Gary Benzivenga marketing bullets' and if you want to succeed at online marketing, those "bullets" will be life changing.

(When your links and offers solve your audiences "immediate" problem, you will have no problem converting traffic into sales... or getting them to perform an action) 😉

Hope that helps 😀
Ray52 Premium
This may be the most helpful response I have ever read.

Faithforward Premium
That was a totally awesome idea, I would think eventually that they would brows to see what else you offered. I would. Actually, I am guilty of browsing around when only one page catches me.
lesabre Premium
Love the puzzle similar to the reasons to why you are getting no sales. By the way is it, "G".
Terand Premium
Thank you for sharing, Dale!
Just curious, is there any words or keyword(s) used? Pardon me, trying to learn and understand more since it has such a hit. Thank you, Dale :o)
techhound Premium
Create a page that has the solution and link to it. You can still link out to the Einstein books on that new page. When you create this page, people who click through will be the ones that are likely to be interested in the book.

You could also link the puzzle image itself to the Amazon book. When I did a heat map analysis on my pages in the past, more often than not images were being clicked on even though they didn't have any links. I started adding links.

If those don't help, then consider putting Adsense on the page. If you are getting that kind of traffic, you may get sales from advertising.

You should analyze your Google Analytics to see where the traffic is coming from. Check for referral spam and also check to make sure the sources are from your niche. Usually, lots of traffic with no sales or click throughs are an indication of traffic that isn't targeted.

Good Luck,
JKulk1 Premium
The water tank puzzle seems to be a favourite on social media. Maybe that's why it's getting so much traffic. Jim
RoseAnn1234 Premium
I have seen similar puzzles on Facebook. Could you somehow be getting traffic from someone linking to it to simply work out the puzzle? Have you analysed your traffic to see if this answers your question.
accad Premium
How many weeks have you been receiving that traffic? I would be very happy if my site receives that much.
dalwhu Premium
Its been steadily climbing since I posted it but more so since December,

It's great but not if it's not generating any sales or further browsing?
Ray52 Premium
Me too!