How can I create an affiliate code for my website?

Last Update: April 01, 2019

So I’ve started a daily forecasting service for one of my websites and I have subscribers who are paying me a subscription each month for my services.

I have a contact within the niche industry who has his own mailing list and he actually wants to promote it through his business.

My question and what I need help with is how can I create an affiliate code for his clients when they subscribe to my website?

I was thinking a landing page for his clients with an affiliate code?

Any advice would be most welcome!!

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haroda Premium
Great question! Thank you for asking this.
TomyH Premium
You should do a landing page with your link on it.
Kerjackie Premium
Probably creating a landing page can be a great idea, if you do your own code, design, and content management. Plugins like Affiliate Landing pages allow you to assign any post or page to a specific affiliate.
dalwhu Premium
Thank you this most helpful
magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Darren,

If your site is on WordPress, then have a look at

This way, you can sign up additional affiliates for the future.
dalwhu Premium
Thanks Jay
JoePlale Premium
I'll be watching this thread .....