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July 15, 2018
Good morning, everyone! Happy Sunday, my official day of REST!I saw this picture of a man climbing a mountain, with pure exhaustion, I assume! I thought of how sometimes we get discouraged and want to quit, but that is the time that we must work harder and be more determined to be successful!! I am reminded of Benoit Lecomte, a lady who swam nearly 4,000 miles from Massachusets to France in 73 days! What a feat! I'm sure that her body was weakened with fatigue and she wanted to give up, but she
Good evening, my dear Wealthy Affiliate family! I have really enjoyed my time here learning and getting frustrated, wanting to quit, feeling totally lost, then having that "Ah-hah" moment where I am understanding the training and continuing on with building my website. My website is I am still in the beginning stages of building it and am very excited to see it all coming together!I have enjoyed being here at Wealthy Affiliate! One of the main reasons is because