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Hey, my names Dale & welcome to my WA profile.

For me, generating a full-time income online was always a dream but I never thought it would be possible for me to actually achieve it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it turns out that it was!

Thanks to affiliate marketing I've been able to leave my job as an electrician & now I do this "internet marketing thing" full-time, working remotely from literally wherever I can grab an internet connection.

Whilst it didn't happen overnight it's quite crazy that it happened at all - considering that back when I first started out I'd never even heard of affiliate marketing before.

It just shows that as long as you dedicate yourself literally anything is possible regardless of who you are or what background you've come from.

I love being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, the people here are so friendly & it's great seeing new members joining & finding success online.
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KellT1 Premium
Hi Thato14, I am sorry I am a compleete newbie. I am not the right one to answer this question, but online marketing has a lot of possibilities. Those people I know who have started online, have all found their direction by the way. I know you will not find a way easier than this, and secure like this. I have been confused and overwhelmed and stressed and had no money for about a year, I have lived by beans, have no car, had to sell it when I was scammed by internet brokers for 100.000$. I have lended half of it at high intrest. Because of my age its not possible to lend money at low intrest. No banks believe you will be one day older, when you are 67!!!
Stay here and see what happens and dont get into the mess, where I have been, no money is not funny!!!!
RPP080879 Premium
HOWDY dALE HOW ARE YOU DOING? I have NOT BEEN ACTIVE ON W A FOR SEVERAL months because I had a stroke in October of last year, this has affected my memory and ability to use my computer and communication skills on WA. is there an office. a phone number that I could call to discuss my situation with? in the USA. Please let me know who I should contact when you have an opportunity. Thanks in advance for your reply. God bless you as well.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hi Robert, sorry to hear about your stroke. You can reach out directly to Kyle or Carson (the owners) here via Private Message. Just type their names into the search bar at the top & you'll find their profiles... Then you can talk about your situation with them :) wish you well.
Suzay Premium
I'm following you Dale,
and nice to spot you while you were problem solving and encouraging some one on another post.
Then, I was curious to read your profile, which encouraged me! I'm working through a lot of physical challenges right now, but always got my sights on WA.
don't even have any posts, but know that every time I write to someone here, atleast my writing skills get better.
Lovely to meet you. I'll be back avidly to read your posts!
Thank you, Suzay
Inezh Premium
Wow Dale that’s definitely an awesome story to have the privilege to tell!
I I am very very new to online work so I’m definitely going to need someone Who is patient bc I’m eager to learn and fill my head with all of this knowledge! unfortunately been scammed quite every times... but I refuse to let them ruin this for me by getting in my head! but I think everything happens for a reason and that’s exactly how I found you! I got scammed yesterday and I’m so over those bs and I’m ready to begin my new Journey! Thanks to you! they got me for almost $500 and to be completely honest I hate them but I am mad at myself too! I I am so gullible I actually believed The majority of those gurus “ who are always preaching lie after lie!
And so I randomly decided to do a little research on them! Of course I got scammed! I know it but I just had to check. but the best part of story is googling them I came across your story!
It’s such an amazing way to introduce yourself to the world! Wow I got emotional bc I yesterday broke men bc in got scammed again. So randomly I kept scrolling and found your story so I clicked on it and read everything. and I I have the privilege of being here! With open arms! And I’m honored to to be able to work and learn from the many fabulous ppl to offer their knowledge!
This is scary bc I don’t know if this is just too good to be real!
I’m waiting to hear the “catch” but I feel like I have a good judge of character sometimes lol 😂 so I’m excited!
I’m sorry for the long message!
I just wanted you to know the story on how I found you!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
I feel very honored to have had someone welcome me with open arms without any Peer pressure and it doesn’t cost a dime!
Thank you
For being you!
Always Inez Halphen
P.s. I am definitely going to upgrade to take advantage of everything you have to offer!
Thank you
Dale123 Premium Plus
Sorry to hear you got scammed already, but it's good that you are finally here now. I hope to see you on the Premium side soon & really taking advantage of everything that there is to offer here... And of course the community here will always have your back if you have any questions. Have a great day.
Inezh Premium
Thank you for welcoming me with all of this support. I’m so happy to be here!
Dale123 Premium Plus
You're welcome :)
Nyca Premium
Hello Dayle,thank you for your testimony and your encouragement..At first I'm hesitant to join in this community because I don't have any background and knowledge about affiliate marketing and I'm not fluent in English.But for desperation I jump in..what I want in this is im learning but as of now i'm trying to figure out what will be my niche.Can you please give me some sort of advice.Higly Appreciated.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hi yes, that's covered in the training here: :) an easy way to think of something is to think about purchases you have recently made and then think "could I build a niche website around those products?".