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Hey, my names Dale & welcome to my WA profile.

For me, generating a full-time income online was always a dream but I never thought it would be possible for me to actually achieve it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it turns out that it was!

Thanks to affiliate marketing I've been able to leave my job as an electrician & now I do this "internet marketing thing" full-time, working remotely from literally wherever I can grab an internet connection.

Whilst it didn't happen overnight it's quite crazy that it happened at all - considering that back when I first started out I'd never even heard of affiliate marketing before.

It just shows that as long as you dedicate yourself literally anything is possible regardless of who you are or what background you've come from.

I love being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, the people here are so friendly & it's great seeing new members joining & finding success online.
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brachheim Premium
Good morning Dale,
You probably get hundreds of messages, if not more, but I just watched the first two videos and I wanted to say "Thank you".
I will turn 65 in April and I really need to consider retiring from my current position in the Senior Living industry.
My wife and I spent most of our lives serving others, including overseas, through church work and other organizations. We spent a lot of time getting different organizations started to benefit others. While giving of ourselves and our finances to further those causes, we didn't plan so well for these later years of life.
So, here I am, nearing 65 and hoping (and praying) for some success here.
I am moved by your approach. Thank you for that.
Thanks again and on to the next video.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hi Dennis, thanks so much for the message. I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying my training & you've definitely landed in the right place to find great success. Look forward to working with you! :)
brachheim Premium
Thank you, Dale. I'm truly humbled by your response. I'm off to my day job for now, but back to training later!
jdeuerling Premium
Hey Dale,

Just update to premium! I did have a question about my website, I am pursing a Niche in "Personal Finance" because it is a passion of mine and even a class I teach at my school, but I want my niche or website to expand beyond just personal finance on into entrepreneurship, mentoring etc. I knew I wanted to have a business devoted to people being at their best a while ago so I managed to acquire domains and social media for the name "Process 4 Purpose." To make my long question short, I am curious if creating a website name "process4purpose.com" will help in helping people find information about my niche? Which will be personal finance to start, or should I pick a different type of domain name to attract my target audience?
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hi Jonah, that's awesome, glad to hear it :)

I'm also glad to hear that you've chosen a niche you're passionate about. I really like the domain name you've chosen, I think it's a great name for branding & the good news is that it'll be perfectly fine to use for your niche website. I'd say roll with that one, especially if you've already bought it :)
Nnalue Premium
Hello, master! Thanks a lot for your efforts in making people to merit from the world of technology. I really appreciate you master. Although I haven't accomplished anything yet in making profit from any affiliating programs but I think I will be close to that soon! I believe that I am writing directly to you so I am expecting a reply from you. Thanks a lot once again master. Oh, I nearly forgot, I am Emmanuel and I came all this way long from your link
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hello Emmanuel, it's great to have you here & I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the training & taking action. I look forward to helping you to build a thriving business :)
tonybuckland Premium
Hi Dale
Im in the proces of building my first website and it seems that although there are thousands of themes, to get full functionality like font colour changes you have to go premium within each theme. Is this correct? or have i missed something.Other than that i have to navigate around the CSS function which is somewhat difficult. Isnt there a way to upgrade wordpress to premium so i get full functionality within all themes? It seems as though all the theme template owners have their own premium charges only relating to their themes.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hi Tony, that's entirely dependant on the theme authors. Some themes are 100% free, some themes have Premium options. It depends on what the person who created the theme has decided. The best option is to get GeneratePress & then get GeneratePress Premium (it's very cheap) and you not only get full functionality, but you also get access to GeneratePress Site Library which is a bunch of "done-for-you" themes inside of GeneratePress. It's also highly flexible, you can do anything with it.
Mruxton Premium Plus
Howzit Dale, I have been with WA 2 months now and slowly going through the Training, and I was at the Stage , looking for Affiliates and I ended up on one of your sites, and of course Wealth Affiliate came up. I am very impressed, you've done so well. I will revisit the sites again
My son is also an Electrician in Musselburg, so we have that in common.
So I will be giving you a Follow .
I am originally from Scotland but at present in South Africa.

Dale123 Premium Plus
That's awesome Murray, I wish you the best success here :)